From what I have been told the CEO of Rural King flew down to the Shelbyville,ky store as to inquire as to the fall in sales. He was informed that there are a lot of former Military farmers and military personal that live and shop at this store Rural king was offering a military discount to veterans, then we where informed that will no longer happen so sales dropped as to why the CEO came down to inquire as to why the drop in sales.

From what we where told the military discount would be reinstated all year long. Sales improved now we have ( Military veterans that is ) been told that we will no longer get the small discount. Could some one explain to us why this issue keeps coming up. Is the CEO not a man of his word are does he just not no what is happening at this store.

I would like a replay to this issue ASAP .

Thank You Former Staff Sargent Ronald W Cole.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Location: Shelbyville, Kentucky

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I am a 30% disabled Vietnam two tour veteran. While I greatly appreciate a discount when making purchases, in no way to I expect this.

Serving my country was considered a privilege. While I did not appreciate my second tour in country, I still served my country with pride. To expect and or demand a discount from any retailer, is an embarrassment to all of us.

One thing to keep in mind is it is the tax dollars merchants pay that keeps our VA health care funded. That of itself, is a huge load to carry and I greatly appreciate that as well.


Their tax dollars pay your 30 percent . Feel guilty now ?


I am a Marine veteran who appreciates any business that gives veteran discounts. But in no way do I expect, demand, or require any business to do so, and anyone that does is an embarrassment to the military community.


SMH a discount for vets is nice little extra but in no way are vets entitled to a discount and I read in the comments some whining that RK does not give them and with a pointed hint that your pissed they dont or worse!? Really, the only thing you have done here with your comments IMO is embarrass yourselves and other proud veterans.

I for the life of it can not understand your comments and belief of entitlements. smh RK thank you for giving to the Gary Sinise foundation!

Oh by the way, I'm a proud VA rated disabled 100% wartime Airborne Infantryman! You'll giving anyone a hard time for not giving you a discount shame on you!


Over $190,000 donated so far! Thanks to the support of our customers, we have been able to contribute more than $190,000 to the Gary Sinise Foundation!

The Gary Sinise Foundation works to bridge the disconnect between those who defend our nation and those who benefit from their sacrifices, and to always show our American heroes the utmost respect. 50% of the proceeds from the sale of Rural King's military bucket are donated to support military troops and their families!


No discounts of any type are given. Bucket sales given 50% to a military foundation.


I visited Rural King website and did an online chat. The representative advised that they do not give discounts to Military or Veterans. 24 May 2019


I just went over n bought a blind from rule king of Litchfield il. That's when I found out they DON'T give seniors nor vets discounts.

I WASgoing to buy a new gun there but not now. I will not buy anything from them.


If the store is in or near military community, it should be offered. TN is military friendly and all stores provide military discount. SHAME on you for not providing discounts to the people who protect your country.


Your new Gainesville store is always 95% empty, I believe for a number of reasons....Today, I needed a price on your plastic storage boxes...I searched your entire store before finally finding an available employee to ask, and when I did show him the boxes, his response was that he just did not know the price and that maybe the cashier could find a price..I went to the cashier and she searched your records and finally came up with a price on a different box...I went ahead and bought 5 of them...I like animals a lot, and I feed all the stray cats in my neighborhood next to your store...your price for a can of Friskies Cat Food is 48 cents...I took 24 pack and a 32 pack of these cans to your cashier and asked her what my savings would be by purchasing the larger quantities of this Cat Food....she used her calculator and found my savings would be 1 cent per can in large quantities...I will by my cat food elsewhere. I am a somewhat disabled 77 year old Vietnam era Vet.

and I am interested in buying one of your $179 Kayaks + a life vest + paddles + a car rooftop carrier for exercise needed in my senior years....Total Cost is about $300.

Is there any senior or veteran discount available to me if I decide to make this purchase? Thanks Mickey James (mickeyjamesmusic@***.com) or (352)204-****...Your store is in a good location and should be packed, but I have never seen more than a small number of customers there...Maybe you can find another way to attract customers.


Again, I am a current employee of RK. I think we should have military discount for all military.

I tell my customer's who ask about it to contact the main office.


They don't care it is all about the bottom line bonuses this company is a billion dollar company you'd think they'd give back to those who put there lives on the line


A new Rural King store has recently opened in Fairlawn, VA. There is a large population of active and retired military in the area.

Lowes and Home Depot and Tractor Supply all offer a 10% military discount. I would think Rural King might want to do the same.

Thank You,

Chuck Thomas

Senior Chief Petty Officer USN Retired


Went to Rural King In St Clairsville Ohio

asked about veteran discount.Clerk said no discount for veterans their prices included discount.I guess everyone is a veteran.


Went to Rural King in KY yesterday 10/29/16 and was told they no longer have military discount. Clerk said they were working on new program but was not in effect yet. Going some where else.


Some of the employees did give a veterans discount at this store, others refused to do so. I asked each time and the mgr.

would tell them yes they did and the cashier acted like she was pissed and each time I went in, same thing. Now they have quit giving a veterans discount and flash a letter in your face if you ask about it. I just came out of the store after waiting 20 minutes in line, 1 ck.out open and the line backed up 20 deep. 6 or 7 empl.

just walking around and could care less. When this store goes out of business it will not surprise me at all.....


I agree with you they go back and forth with this issue I myself believe that it should be 10% all the time with proper ID


It is sad that people are fighting for our country when they do not know the difference between "no" and "know".


LOL! True.


Why don't you go and give him a spelling lesson . He just might show his appreciation ,by putting his boot up your Ashe.

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