From what I have been told the CEO of Rural King flew down to the Shelbyville,ky store as to inquire as to the fall in sales. He was informed that there are a lot of former Military farmers and military personal that live and shop at this store Rural king was offering a military discount to veterans, then we where informed that will no longer happen so sales dropped as to why the CEO came down to inquire as to why the drop in sales.

From what we where told the military discount would be reinstated all year long. Sales improved now we have ( Military veterans that is ) been told that we will no longer get the small discount. Could some one explain to us why this issue keeps coming up. Is the CEO not a man of his word are does he just not no what is happening at this store.

I would like a replay to this issue ASAP .

Thank You Former Staff Sargent Ronald W Cole.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Location: Shelbyville, Kentucky

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Right on!


While you sit at home hiding behind your computer. Did you ever serve in the military or do you still live in Mommy's basement?


as a current associate of rural king I can tell you that the only reason the ceo came to the store was in fact he was losing money and thats the only reason this company no longer cares about its employees or customers even if they are a veteran ,!!! alex may know whats going on within the company but he is pretty much powerless now and its gotten worse ever since they hired a lot of the former Wal-Mart reject management to run the company , and don't believe anything this company tells you !!!!!!!

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