I have worked for Rural King in Norwalk, Ohio since the beginning of last August. I was promoted from part time to Automotive Department Manager in the beginning of November.

I just has an awesome review and a raise last month. Also, the Dist. Manager came to our store last Friday and gave my department an above standard rating. The store manager called me and 2 other employees into her office and thanked us for doing an awesome job and said if it wasn't for us her store would have gotten a below standard rating.

This morning when I got to work the store manager told me she needed to talk to me. She proceeded to tell me I took 8 hours to run a little freight off a red cart and only unloaded a couple of boxes of a pallet of freight. I said the freight I got on the red cart was new for my department so I was making room on my shelves and top stock and had to print price labels. Also I was helping another employee Betty with some freight she had for my department.

We had to move some things around to make room for it. The pallet of freight I was unloading was stacked high and I got half of it finished. She told me I wasn't a team player. How could I be promoted and get an awesome review.

This manager is hard to work for. One day your great and the next day your not. You never know what kind of mood she'll be in. Plus she has her favorites who can walk around all day chatting and not doing much of anything.

I told her I was out of there and left. I also told her I was going to contact David Porter, the District Manager. On the way home I was thinking about yesterday. I clocked in at 7:00am.

Went to my department to do my outs for the day (I have Auto and Paint). When I was finished with that I went to the Farm and Agriculture department (no one told me to) to do the outs because the dept. manager is out on medical leave. When I was finished with those 3 departments it was 8:00am.

I was going to run freight when the store manager said nobody is running freight until we're all done with outs. She's never said that before. It's always run freight. This is what I mean by not knowing from one day to the next what's going on.

So I asked who needed help. I did Tools and part of Housewares. So that was about 8:30am. I started on my red cart of freight.

Also doing customer service on the floor and answering the phone. I took my 10 minute break about 9:30. The store manager brought a pallet of freight to my department and told me I was to take care of it. I went back to my freight and customer service.

I was to go to lunch at 11:00 but the store manager told me to wait because she got Art (an employee who is leaving) a cake and wanted everyone to meet in the break room. We all met, she said a little speech and told us to stay a few minutes and chat. I left because I already took a break. I clocked out at 11:15am and went to lunch.

Came back at 12:15pm. Finished my freight off the red cart plus some that I took from Betty because it was for my department. Started on the other pallet of freight and worked it until 2:45pm. Took my 10 minute break and then went back to my department because we are allowed to work in our departments at the end of our shift doing zoning, stocking and prices changes.

I clocked out at 4:00pm and told the closing manager that I left the pallet of freight I was working on in the pet department. Also, I assisted several people with batteries on the floor and phone during the day. So were does the store manager come up with I took 8 hours to unload a little fright off my red cart? Also wanted to add, there have been many days when I never took my breaks because I wanted to get things finished.

And I would clock out and then go back and clean up what I was working on.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Manager.

Store Location: Norwalk, Ohio

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Let me guess this managers name was Dianne??!!!!


I woke up this morning, took a *** and washed my face. Then I brushed my teeth, and ***, showered & shaved.

Next, I ate breakfast, jumped in the car & started it....who cares to hear a detailed description of your work day???


I like to hear how other people do their jobs as I have lived off my savings for the last 12 years.


Apparently you do because you read it. ***!

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