South Bend, Indiana

I have a friend who just quit the nile michigan store, he has been hounded and lied about by the manager of the store. So as to not paying him for catching a shop lifter and was reported that the manager filed as he did and kept the reward, then demoted him because he had a car accident and couldnt be on time and then still went in after he fixed his car and then not even a week later drug tested him for a broken scanner that did not injure anyone almost 3 months ago.

This manager needs to be removed and the store looked into. I mean it is so bad last time i was in there a worker who was off work had to assist me in looking for something because everyone else was just to busy tlaking and screwing around, even the managers and assistants.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Manager.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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if you remember the drug test it was after the back problem not the broke talazon this person needs to grow up and do your job right if the person that wrote the complaint needs to get there facts staight before you write stuff on this sight


What is your friend a wuss? Why couldn't he file the complaint himself? Tell him to grow a spine and file his own complaints.

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