He is clueless when it comes to running a store.

Doesn't know what is going on in his own store, because he sits in his air-conditioned office all day, while his Assistant Managers try to run the store.

They are doing a ***-poor job of it too !

Employees are over-worked, underpaid and mistreated ! They expect one-person to do three load/carry outs at one time.

There is never enough check-out lines open !

The store is dirty, the restrooms are disgusting and smelly !

Trust me, DO NOT eat the popcorn ! ! !

unless you like mice and roach ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Manager.

Location: Kansas City, Missouri

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Let me guess, you are one of his employees and he wrote you up for poor work practices and this is your childish attempt to get him into trouble?


"The pot calling the kettle black", sort of childish rant by someone who has nothing better to do than to belittle strangers on the internet. Bully much ? There are several complaints regarding this Rural King store, a few from former Co-Managers, so obviously there is some truth to the allegations being brought up against the store Management in general.


If you knew how to read between the lines you would see that this is obviously written by a disgruntled employee who got disciplined. This is not a childish rant just stating the truth. Sorry if it hurts your feelings because you are in the same situation as the OP.


This store is a joke ! I have had the unfortunate pleasure of having to deal with the Store's clueless Management.

As a one time customer, I can defiantly say that the store is indeed filthy, especially the jean counter overheads. The restrooms are disgusting ! Watch where you step, unless you like dog *** on your shoes.

I've never seen such a dirty hole in my life !

Are you people so lame-clueless, that you can't hire janitors to walk around and sweep up the muck and filth from the floors ? Someone might want to do some dusting while you are at it !


You are obviously a child, they can hire all the janitor's they want but most likely they cannot keep up with the messes people make. You would think adults in a first world country could use the washrooms without making a mess, and fold the jeans up properly.


You are obviously a Rural King Cronie, so keep your opinions to yourself. Does the CEO pay you to badmouth people you don't know ?


You are obviously six years old to ASSume that I am a Ruural King Cronie and that I am being paid to post this. I ask you to do this.

Go get mommy have her read this post to you. Instruct her to click on my name and see my posting history. You will see that I have posted negative comments to several companies. I guess I am very busy working for all those companies.

I guess I make a lot of money bad mouthing immature brats such as yourself for 15 or so different companies. Have mommy explain to you that the more people they hire the more money she has to pay. Have mommy explain to you that it is customers not employees who make the mess. Have mommy explain to you how disgusting it is that adults in a civilized country should know better and clean up after themselves.

When you showed this reply to mommy then post again. One more thing have mommy explain to you that just because someone stated obvious facts on a complaint that does not automatically mean that they work for the company.

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