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Yesterday, my granddaughter decided to stop at Rural King in Crystal River and as we were entering the store a man with a dog on a leash were leaving. My granddaughter is autistic and has a fear of dogs which makes shopping in our area a real challenge as many stores permit people to bring their pet dogs.

Well, as we were passing the man & his dog, the dog lunged at my granddaughter's leg and bark. The man immediately tugged at the leash and gave a poor excuse of "I've never seen her do this before". Thankfully the dog did not *** my granddaughter but it terrorized her and myself. We went into Rural King and I demanded to speak to the manager.

When a younger girl came to the service desk, she informed me that Rural King has a pet-friendly policy.

She didn't even ask our names but said she'd look at the video and see if she could find the man.

Long and short of this experience, I informed her that I would NEVER shop Rural King again. I have nothing against dogs or other pets, I just feel that unless the animal is a trained "Service Animal", pets do not belong in stores, PERIOD!

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Manager.

Reason of review: Store Policy.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Store policy of permitting dogs, Lack of empathy from manager.

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You should probably consider taking your granddaughter around some calm social dogs to desensitize her and teach her not to fear dogs. Dogs are wonderful animals.

And the reality is a large number of people own dogs so she is going to come in contact with them quite often. It sounds like by the way you are reacting you are perpetuating her irrational fear. I understand the situation may have been scary but the fact is you said the owner immediately pulled back on the leash and said his dog had never acted this way before. So he had his dog under control and was not taking a known to be aggressive dog in public.

Yes there are some irresponsible dog owners out there but education and support is going to help your granddaughter more than an overreaction. You cant ban dogs from the world but you can teach your granddaughter about dog safety and animal behavior.


I walked into a pet friendly rural king with my little spaniel and heard children screaming and running around like banshees while they're parents gave the poor *** excuse "their not hurting anyone" when clearly my ears hurt and my head throbbed. Next time I'll take a cue from you and complain to a manager that children not be allowed in there anymore...


You are a very sad, angry, hateful person. Not that what you said happened might have happened but the way your post was written is so full of hate!

I live that they allow dogs there!

It's a farm store, if you don't like it go somewhere else! Next I'll read you were attacked by one of their baby bunnies!!


This is clearly just a bitter old lady who has nothing better to do than complain.


Ironic, so many people calling this person a "snowflake" when pet freindly stores are a fairly recent invention geared towards other "snowflakes" that have raised Fido as a substitute child. They now either can't stand the thought of leaving it at home or physically can't because the spoiled little demon will destroy their houses. Easy to spot them, they are the ones that repeat "don't spoil it for everyone!" It is because of you people that every store is pet freindly whether it actually is or not.

to Nope #1624830

“Substitute child?” Maybe the couple cant have children. And spoiled demon? You must have perfect children and a perfect house and a perfect life.


If it's that bad don't shop there what was it that you were looking for the manager to do about the situation it's like calling police because you almost had a car accident the dog didn't bite anyone I'm thinking that you also have a fear of dogs plenty of other places to shop that do not allow dogs in there place of business


People that need to bee seen in public with their god damn dog are so pathetic..

to JackAssin #1628669

You are a dumb god damn Jack *** Puppies need to be socialized in public places, and places like Rural King are perfect places to do so.

to Anonymous #1658550

"Need to be seen" People do not take their dogs to stores to "be seen" they do so because it is a great way to socialize young dogs or dogs being rehabilitated. People taking dogs to public places allows for these dogs to develop manners, good habits, and socialization skills. People taking their dogs to pet friendly stores creates safe social dogs.


you are such a dumb ASSet


People like you that complain about everything that doesn't cater to your lifestyle ruin it for everyone else.


I'm sorry she is autistic. The world does not revolve around one single person.

Handicaps do not put one person above another. Rural king is private property, therefore they can make any policies inside the law they see fit.

I hope this guidance helps educate you and gets you thinking about others and not just you/yours. Being selfish and bullying others is not the way to better a situation.


It's their right to allow pets. Period.

It's my right to carry legal pepper spray. Period. Any animal which comes close to me and displays aggressive behavior will be blinded. Period.

Then a civil suit -both RK and the dog owner. Period.


Then don’t come back? That’s well within your rights.

Don’t ruin something for everyone cause you had a bad experience. Geez Louise...look at the tone of your message. Rural King owes you nothing.

You’re not going to make or break them nor do you own them. Get over yourself, go to Walmart.


Get a life. Go to walmart


Sounds like you're pissed that your daughter didn't get bit. "My daughter didn't get bit by this dog, and I AM FURIOUS!!!"


This woman is stupid and probably a Democrat.


It's unfortunate that this happened. The real problem is not the store policy, but the lack of control the dog owner had over his pet.

Obviously, Rural King wants their environment safe for everyone. Don't blame Rural King. Also, as a parent, I would not have allowed my child to get within reaching distance of the dog, regardless of where we were. As a parent, one must always be aware of the surroundings when your child is with you...this was easily avoidable.

But don't blame Rural King. I would bet that this was not the first time this dog displayed this type of behavior.


If you don't like dogs, dont go to a pet friendly store. It's really that simple.

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