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Yesterday, my granddaughter decided to stop at Rural King in Crystal River and as we were entering the store a man with a dog on a leash were leaving. My granddaughter is autistic and has a fear of dogs which makes shopping in our area a real challenge as many stores permit people to bring their pet dogs.

Well, as we were passing the man & his dog, the dog lunged at my granddaughter's leg and bark. The man immediately tugged at the leash and gave a poor excuse of "I've never seen her do this before". Thankfully the dog did not *** my granddaughter but it terrorized her and myself. We went into Rural King and I demanded to speak to the manager.

When a younger girl came to the service desk, she informed me that Rural King has a pet-friendly policy.

She didn't even ask our names but said she'd look at the video and see if she could find the man.

Long and short of this experience, I informed her that I would NEVER shop Rural King again. I have nothing against dogs or other pets, I just feel that unless the animal is a trained "Service Animal", pets do not belong in stores, PERIOD!

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Manager.

Reason of review: Store Policy.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Rural King Cons: Store policy of permitting dogs, Lack of empathy from manager.

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It's their right to allow pets. Period.

It's my right to carry legal pepper spray. Period. Any animal which comes close to me and displays aggressive behavior will be blinded. Period.

Then a civil suit -both RK and the dog owner. Period.


Then don’t come back? That’s well within your rights.

Don’t ruin something for everyone cause you had a bad experience. Geez Louise...look at the tone of your message. Rural King owes you nothing.

You’re not going to make or break them nor do you own them. Get over yourself, go to Walmart.


Get a life. Go to walmart


Sounds like you're pissed that your daughter didn't get bit. "My daughter didn't get bit by this dog, and I AM FURIOUS!!!"


This woman is stupid and probably a Democrat.


It's unfortunate that this happened. The real problem is not the store policy, but the lack of control the dog owner had over his pet.

Obviously, Rural King wants their environment safe for everyone. Don't blame Rural King. Also, as a parent, I would not have allowed my child to get within reaching distance of the dog, regardless of where we were. As a parent, one must always be aware of the surroundings when your child is with you...this was easily avoidable.

But don't blame Rural King. I would bet that this was not the first time this dog displayed this type of behavior.


If you don't like dogs, dont go to a pet friendly store. It's really that simple.

@Dog Mom

Yea that lady sounds like one of those rude pretentious annoying customers that every store hates to deal with. She's such a self-entitled dummy that she thinks just because she doesn't like their pet policy, that they should change it..

lol Like her feelings are more important than everyone else's.

This lady needs to wake up.Guess she's not bright enough to realize if someone doesn't like certain store policies, they have the right to not shop there. Jesus I swear the nerve of some people these days

@Dog Mom

that's what i'm saying


If you know that your granddaughter has a fear of dogs why would you go to a store with a pets are welcome here sign?


My dog has separation anxiety and tears up the house /crate if left alone so it is a blessing for us when a store says it is pet friendly then we don’t have to put her in a doggie daycare to go somewhere.


I rather put up with a dog in a store than people's unruly kids!

Oh John screaming and running in the store as the parents look on.


Your such a {{Redacted}} as woman. Ur child being autistic isnt enough of a reason to stop a dog friendly enviroment..

Let me guess.

U want everyone to cater around u so ur life is just easy *** peasy.. Go *** yourself


Seems that you solved the problem. You won't be coming to Rural King so whatever they do now is mute.

Why should the rest of the customers be inconvienced because you don't know that dogs can sense fear, if you do know that, you put yourself in a bad spot. I understand your granddaughter is autistic. While she is petrified by dogs other autistic children have made great progress.

Also a piece of advice, seeing as you know that your granddaughter is scared of dogs. Whenever you come upon a dog, give the dog a wide berth for the safety of your granddaughter.


That’s way to simple a solution for someone that is clearly looking for the empathy of others because she has a handicapped child in her family.


well, they MIGHT be a 'pet friendly business' but even money says they're NOT Lawyer friendly.


LEAVE your dog at home. NOT everyone is a dog lover or wants to be subject to having any animal close to them in a retail outlet.

RK actually promotes having dogs in their stores by attracting them with treats and vaccination clinics. These are NOT service dogs but any mutt. Its terrible in florida because the law says 'don't leave your dog in a car'. Idiots abound , and most of them use dogs as a psychological crutch to heal their inferiority complexed egos.

We always stay out of RK on weekends when those nutcases come out enmasse.

Its not a zoo folks, but a retail establishment where others need to be respected by leaving your animals at home. BTW, I AM a dog lover having owned several breeds over the years but would NEVER think to encroach on others' rights and NOT to have my K9 in their space.


You clearly know that the store is pet friendly. They are a farm store after All.

You know animals and such. It isn't like you don't know it is pet friendly. You have the choice to not shop there because it is PET Friendly.

Yet, you are somehow superior over others who are only doing what the store encourages people to do. Do you even understand how ignorant you sound?


OK, so I am a current employee of RK. We are a pet friendly store.

The staff love's to see dog's and cat's come in. I have also seen pig's, goat's, bird's, cow's and horse's. This is what we are, we cater to farms to organizations. We also have clothing for the whole family.

We have just about anything you can think of. And by the way WE SALE CHICKENS, DUCKS, TURKEYS AND RABBITS.


My dog and I are a registered pet therapy team. She is well-behaved at all times and we trained at pet friendly stores so we could become registered in order to volunteer at our local hospital, a school, and hopefully our church.

What I have learned from being a pet therapy team is that the vast majority of people love it when they can pet her and she does not jump on them nor do anything that some dogs might do. I'm hoping that this doesn't result in stores banning pets because pet friendly stores are great places or training. Nursing staff tell us how the pet therapy dogs at our hospital brighten up their day. Now at times there are people who don't like dogs that I might pass in the hall, have a fear, whatever, but they don't expect the hospital to ban the dogs, but they just look at me and I know instantly to either due a 180 if I have no place to pull off out of their way or or them to pull out of our way.

Some patients do not want visits as well, but that is so rare. So to make this better for everyone, why don't you just take your child in a different aisle or speak up nicely and mention to them your child is terribly afraid of dogs and could they wait or go in a different aisle. Courtesy should be given both ways. It's not that complicated.

And yes, I have encountered a couple of adults and 1 child who were horrified, the child to the point of hysterical, to even see my dog, but we worked it out as I offered as soon as I was aware to go back to another hall to visit other patients and come back through that hallway in a half hour or so and the mom said that would be great! So perhaps you need to lighten up just a little and kindly inform the person your child does not do well with dogs, horrified of them, and would they please go a different aisle as that would work better or you would immediately take your child to a different aisle and then return. I'ts not like people are going to be in that same aisle the whole time. But many people who are training their dogs to behave with people are using pet friendly stores and nursing homes because people are excited to see them, especially kids, but also it is such great training for the dogs and for me as I was just being trained.

No dog should ever be permitted in a store if it is aggressive in any way, but there will be dummies who think they can take their vicious or leaping, tugging dog into stores and it's okay. But just like anywhere else, the owner is responsible for their pet and if it bites or attacks in any other way, then there should be a lawsuit.

From what I know about autism, they don't handle strange places and people well either, so why just pick on dogs in a store? I don't know, but that's why I am asking.