Crystal River, Florida
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Yesterday, my granddaughter decided to stop at Rural King in Crystal River and as we were entering the store a man with a dog on a leash were leaving. My granddaughter is autistic and has a fear of dogs which makes shopping in our area a real challenge as many stores permit people to bring their pet dogs.

Well, as we were passing the man & his dog, the dog lunged at my granddaughter's leg and bark. The man immediately tugged at the leash and gave a poor excuse of "I've never seen her do this before". Thankfully the dog did not *** my granddaughter but it terrorized her and myself. We went into Rural King and I demanded to speak to the manager.

When a younger girl came to the service desk, she informed me that Rural King has a pet-friendly policy.

She didn't even ask our names but said she'd look at the video and see if she could find the man.

Long and short of this experience, I informed her that I would NEVER shop Rural King again. I have nothing against dogs or other pets, I just feel that unless the animal is a trained "Service Animal", pets do not belong in stores, PERIOD!

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Manager.

Reason of review: Store Policy.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Store policy of permitting dogs, Lack of empathy from manager.

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to Orisky #1387643

Do not touch other people's pets, stuff, kids, or bodies without permission. I do not have a service dog myself.

I do tell people to not touch them, talk to them, or do anything to distract them. The dog has a purpose and it cannot do its job if people are messing with it.

Newville, Pennsylvania, United States #1336238

Well dogs are banned from rural king in pa they said it is a dept of agriculture law as of June 1

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #1331422

It's people like this that ruin the pleasure of a pet friendly store.

Wheeling, West Virginia, United States #1319488

Here is a novel idea...... keep your autistic child with dog fears out of stores that are dog friendly.

Why is it you demanding types ALWAYS feel the world needs to kiss your ***? what is so hard about accepting things in life as it is and NOT demanding that everything be changed to what YOU want? That's what I'm pissed about.... so...

to make myself "Feel" good....

I'm gonna take my 125 lb mastiff to Rural King.... I hope he scares the *** out of some irrational *** like you.

to Anonymous Ocala, Florida, United States #1353507

Preach on.

to Anonymous #1387642

That is what gets me about people. They know it is a pet friendly store.

It is a freaking FARM store. Do they yell at Pet Smart for allowing dogs? It is not like someone just brought their dog into Wal-Mart.

If you have a brain you know to not go up to other people's dogs without asking. Wait, now people are going to demand that people not walk their dogs.

to Anonymous #1487947

It's because we live in a society now that all of these "snowflakes" are taught by the media and everyone else that they are more important and that they have the right to be surrounded by their "safe spaces" wherever they go and at all times. It's people like her that want everyone to feel sorry for her and cater to her feelings and no one else matters. Soft self-entitled works that make me want to puke


Keep ya *** at home then or take a stroll to walmart


That has happened a lot at Shelbyville ky stores actually have had customers bit

Cape Coral, Florida, United States #1307669

I feel bad for your granddaughter but if you know a store is pet Friendly don't take her there end of store I do blame you not the store.thank you rural king for being pet friendly

Lady Lake, Florida, United States #1296178

just because u had a bad exprience with one dog dont blame the rest of us with having dogs .. and maybe teach the kid not to run up or ask question first about the dog .

Lebanon, Ohio, United States #1293567

GET OVER IT!!! You KNEW it was pet friendly..

don't take her next time or don't go shopping there... simple as that lady..

Columbus, Ohio, United States #1285106

That is very unfair.

to Anonymous Wheeling, West Virginia, United States #1319489

Life ain't fair.... Deal with it!

Dayton, Ohio, United States #1281325

So let me get this straight. You took an autistic child to a place that you KNEW had animals whom are welcome, then proceded to complain about it? You should be on a leash woman, and have horrible parental and social skills.


Okay first of all the incident didn't happen in the store so there's nothing the manager could've done and if your child is scared of dogs why would you take them to a pet friendly store??? I guess common sense isn't so common.

The dog was probably excited and wanted to say hello and to make a big deal out of that is just silly. If the dog had hurt you or your child that would be on the dogs owner not the store.

Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, United States #1252334

The dog was just wanting to say hello. I would be careful where I would take a handicap child


Honestly this post is so hypocritical. I've seen more than a few autistic children have total meltdowns in public places before.

My neice was also assaulted on a public playground once by an autistic child. That traumatized her as well. Yet we don't ban autistic children from public places. I don't blame them or the parent as they cannot help it.

But to expect everyone on the planet to put up with that kind of behavior AND cater to their every special need? That's ridiculous. Don't take your child who is afraid of dogs into a pet friendly store. Plain and simple.

Leave her at home if you must go somewhere pet friendly. That's what a responsible guardian does. A responsible guardian does not trust nor expect everyone else on the planet to go out of their way to cater to your child's needs.

It is your job to protect that child and no one else's.

to Anonymous #1260914

You are moran.leave a child at home but take a dog.?

to Anonymous #1293993

1: its ***.

2: he never said take the dog. It is a pet-friendly store, with the inherit risk of running into pets. That's like taking a kid afraid of dogs to a dog park.

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