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Yesterday, my granddaughter decided to stop at Rural King in Crystal River and as we were entering the store a man with a dog on a leash were leaving. My granddaughter is autistic and has a fear of dogs which makes shopping in our area a real challenge as many stores permit people to bring their pet dogs.

Well, as we were passing the man & his dog, the dog lunged at my granddaughter's leg and bark. The man immediately tugged at the leash and gave a poor excuse of "I've never seen her do this before". Thankfully the dog did not *** my granddaughter but it terrorized her and myself. We went into Rural King and I demanded to speak to the manager.

When a younger girl came to the service desk, she informed me that Rural King has a pet-friendly policy.

She didn't even ask our names but said she'd look at the video and see if she could find the man.

Long and short of this experience, I informed her that I would NEVER shop Rural King again. I have nothing against dogs or other pets, I just feel that unless the animal is a trained "Service Animal", pets do not belong in stores, PERIOD!

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Manager.

Reason of review: Store Policy.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Rural King Cons: Store policy of permitting dogs, Lack of empathy from manager.

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Okay first of all the incident didn't happen in the store so there's nothing the manager could've done and if your child is scared of dogs why would you take them to a pet friendly store??? I guess common sense isn't so common.

The dog was probably excited and wanted to say hello and to make a big deal out of that is just silly. If the dog had hurt you or your child that would be on the dogs owner not the store.


The dog was just wanting to say hello. I would be careful where I would take a handicap child


Honestly this post is so hypocritical. I've seen more than a few autistic children have total meltdowns in public places before.

My neice was also assaulted on a public playground once by an autistic child. That traumatized her as well. Yet we don't ban autistic children from public places. I don't blame them or the parent as they cannot help it.

But to expect everyone on the planet to put up with that kind of behavior AND cater to their every special need? That's ridiculous. Don't take your child who is afraid of dogs into a pet friendly store. Plain and simple.

Leave her at home if you must go somewhere pet friendly. That's what a responsible guardian does. A responsible guardian does not trust nor expect everyone else on the planet to go out of their way to cater to your child's needs.

It is your job to protect that child and no one else's.


You are moran.leave a child at home but take a dog.?


1: its ***.

2: he never said take the dog. It is a pet-friendly store, with the inherit risk of running into pets. That's like taking a kid afraid of dogs to a dog park.


The store advertises as pet friendly, not kid friendly.


My son is autistic and scared of dogs as well. But has overcome it alo t through years of exposer.

You can't expect every store to change their policy because of something like this. That is where it is the parents responsibility to know the boundaries of your child's autism. There are many ways that you can avoid it. I know because I've done it for years.

You have to think outside the box alot but we can't expect all general public to adhere to our children's special needs at all times. Most people don't even realize.

Sorry but this is an unfair review expecting a store to change it's policy for a reason like this. If anything, and if the dog hurt or tried to hurt her then the owner should be held accountable not rural king


The minority should not control the actions of the majority


Love my pet-friendly rural king. My dog adores going several times a week.

I've never witnessed anything adverse other than a rare bark.

Patrons frequently greet my dog with a big smile and the vast majority of locals I know embrace their policy. Find another location to shop.


Maybe you just need to shop at non-pet friendly stores. Or, maybe, take a little parenting(or grandparenting) responsibility and watch out for your autistic kid a little more.

If you KNOW your granddaughter is afraid of dogs, it's YOUR responsibility to help her avoid them.

YOU should have seen the dog coming and removed your granddaughter from the situation. I can't stand how it's everyone elses responsibility, except YOURS, to look out for you and your dumb kids.


Hope you're not anti gun because the store is not a gun free zone either.


I don't see a problem with it. There are plenty of stores that are not pet friendly that you could go to.

And it sounds like it happened outside the store so if someone happened to be walking with their dog it would have the same outcome regardless of a pet friendly policy. Seriously?


This article is crazy.. Sorry your granddaughter is afraid of dogs then don't bring her out where you know the store has a pet friendly policy that simple ..don't put the blame on other people just because your angry over a little incident.


U are ridiculous. Their is a level of inherent danger with anything u do.

Driving, going to a store, walking down the street... U cannot provide a complete shelter for your child. Like u said..

She wasn't hurt physically... So dry her tears and check out the chickens and move on with life instead of wasting time giving the store a bad review.


You should get a bicycle and chase the guy around yelling I'll get you and your little dog too.


I mean would you rather people leave their dogs in a hot car? Would you leave your child in a hot car?

We do not like leaving our dogs at home alone so when we go to a pet friendly store of course we are going to take our pet.

Do not shop at pet friendly stores, we don't take our dogs inside non pet friendly stores so why should you even try to take that option away from people? Lol ridiculous.


Ridiculous. My daughter is also autistic, and you can't shield them from everything.

Integration therapy is necessary to allow autistic children to survive in this world. When dogs are being trained to be service dogs, they have to go into public spaces. How are they going to learn otherwise? I have a dog that is exceptionally trained, and I take her to pet friendly stores to keep up her training.

Perhaps you should just stay out of pet friendly places. They're are plenty off other stores that aren't.


I love taking my dog with me my dogs are very friendly if you don't like shopping at a store that allows pets don't do it because there are a lot of us that our dogs are kids and would be devastated if we couldn't bring them with us


They make a living off of animals. They are not going to stop catering to them.

Too bad you are so uptight. Shop in non pet friendly stores.


Don't shop in a pet friendly store if your grand daughter has a fear of dogs...


Should be that simple.