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I have a potbellied pig and I go to Rural King in Huber Heights Ohio to get her food. The past few times I have been there, they are either out totally or have 1 or 2 bags left.

The shipment was suppose to come today (Thursday, March 21, 2013) I just called, they don't have any in yet. I asked if they could order more because they are always out and they informed me that no they can't order more, they just get in whatever the other company sends them.

Now I have to go 1 hour out of my way to get her food. I am not very happy, I like going to your store, but if you can't keep stock, I will go somewhere else even if I have to waste the extra gas to go get what I need.

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As an employee of the Huber Heights store, I can tell you that the department managers, and the managers for that matter, have their heads up their ***. That or up other employees ***, such is the case of the feed dept manager.

They can order in the feed, and that store gets feed trucks frequently. However, if he doesn't do his outs then the store won't get it back in. And no one should ever promise you when the shipment will be received into the store.

They take their time sending us what we actually need and send us bs things that we don't. But whoever told you they can't order more of something needs to not be answering phone calls because apparently they have no idea what they are talking about.


If you get an ahold of an assistant manager in the store they can email the buyer in Mattoon, IL to up the on hand of that product. Some stores keep low selling feed items at a very minimum to keep stock fresh and swine feed just isnt a very high seller anymore.

Hopefully that store can establish a personal relationship with you and can take care of your supply need.

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