We could not be happier with the new RK in Connellsville, PA. The shelves are stocked, the staff is friendly and helpful.

Their prices beat Tractor Supply by $6-$10 on animal feed. The manager, Jennifer, came to our local country fair and purchased 4H animals from the kids showing animals. This was even before the store opened.

The local Tractor Supply has never purchased a single animal or donated money to the 4H in all the time they have been in the area. If we can not find something the employees are more than happy to go back to the stock room and look for it for us.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Manager.

Location: Connellsville, Pennsylvania

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Love the store and the prices


The corp. office sends the checks to management staff.

The managers don't use their own money..It is a tax write off.Wait in other 10 years it will like Walmart. The new president is the old Walmart ex...Sad but true.....


@ PennAlum Who cares if the corporate people give them the checks to purchase animals at the local county fair or not.. Nobody except you believes the manager (Jennifer) from the store is going to buy animals with their own money..Just like she doesn't write out personal checks to pay the employees..ALL area stores owned by a corporation could do the same thing but choose not to..At least this new store in distressed Fayette county is trying to be people friendly..

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