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Circleville management needs looked into in the Circleville, Ohio store, my daughter works there and I have seen alot. The managers belittle employees right in front of customers, and the favortism, I have never in my life seen so much favortism in a store before. If...
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I have worked for Rural King for two years now and believe me this is not an isolated accurance. I have witnessed this at my own store on several occasions and agree it is very unproffesional and basically rude and childish behavior ; that pretty much describes R.K.

management. The working condition (temp) aren't any better either.

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Rural King Manager
  • Fed up in Circleville
Circleville Royal King needs new management! There is alot of favoritism in the store which is VERY unprofessional. I have witnesses this myself. Management have their picks of favoritism. Management rips the cashiers *** in front of customers, also VERY...
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I have been reading all of the comments about Rural King and how unhappy their employees are not to mention the customers. My question is, do the owners of Rural King read any of this stuff or

are all of these people just blowing smoke as it were.

I see pages and pages and pages of unhappy people from so many stores. Surely it cant be that the employees are just bad ones and really don't deserve to work there. Does anyone know if the owners or Presidents or whom ever have ever seen any of these complaints from employees and done anything to make their work place better?? One with maybe be better managers more human managers instead of what it seems like animal trainers.

Its seems to me that instead of these employees writing anything on this site should be writing to the BBB or their local Labor Relations in their state and or town. I feel for you all and hope things get better for you.

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Rural King in Circleville, Ohio - Poison in the store

I really enjoyed my Rural King Experience in the beginning. I would bring my young pup to the store for socialization and I buy lots of dog food every time I go to Rural King. The last time I went to Rural King for dog food I picked up a bag and there was a dead flat mouse with blood coming out of it on the shelf under the bag of food. I screamed like a little girl. The manager gave me 50% off the bag of food, which was nice. I understand about feed and mice but this last Friday I went into Rural King again for dog food. I noticed an empty space on a lower shelf that had big bags of dog food and in the empty space was mouse poo all over the shelf with what looked like urine also. Then I see all this mouse poison behind all the bags of food and the bags were actually covered in the blue/green dust from the poison right where you would rip open the bag. This store has a management problem for sure and they should really be smarter about poison around the food!!!!!! I will go somewhere else to buy my dog food from now on and to think I had my little pup in there EWWW!!!!!
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