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Rural King - St clairsville ohio store very badley managed

This is my sad little story. I wanted a job working with people, so i applied to rural king for firearms associate and got the job, i was so trilled to have the job that i really wanted to do an excellent job at it. there was very little training i was thrown into the job and after three weeks the friendly co works and managers attitude toward me change to unfriendliness cold. they asked me to go to cashier up front with a cut in pay of a dollar an hour i said no . after that every time i called for a manager it took 3 to 4 calls just to get them to answer then they came up with customers are complaining its taking me to long to do a gun sale i find that total BS so i feel i was pushed to quit . so all i wanted was to work a job i liked for just a little while until i had to resign in order to get ready for a kidney transplant. that is my unhappy little story of working at rural king.
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Rural King Cashier

Rural King in Saint Clairsville, Ohio - CUSTOMERS

On 2/26/13, at 2:33 PM, my wife and I checked out,we had 12 bags of dog and horse feed, by us both being in our late 50's, we asked for help in loading in our big van. the cashier called for a person to help load, no one came, a 2nd and 3rd call was made, still no show. 3 MALE MANAGERS STOOD THERE AT A SERVICE DESK AND NEVER OFFERED HELP, NOR TO FIND SOMEONE TO HELP. I HAVE A SEVERED BICEP TENDON, BUT MY WIFE AND I LOADED THAT FEED, AND STILL NO ONE CAME OUT. I WANT THE 3 MANAGERS AT THAT DESK FIRED. THIS ISN'T THE END OF THIS!
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And after all that deal they still promoted the assistant that refused to help the customer to store manager. The regionals response, "we had no other options".

That seems to be their excuse for everything now a days. But when you only pay 30000 for people to run 15 million stores you get what you get. High turn over and poor service to customers but per corp office that's what they want to keep payroll down.

Use me and burn em.


Did you really say "I'm not going to name any names" at the end of your rant? ***, you named everyone that works there except for yourself!

It won't be too difficult to figure out who you are. Prepare for unemployment.


Or did I name myself???


I am A cashier at that Rural King. I hate the job.

Sara is one of the managers and she is awful! Evan, Mark, and Larry are the only male managers, and I'm pretty suprized that Mark didn't offer help. Evan (Red head) and Larry (Old Guy), it doesn't suprise me that they wouldn't help. I know that the way that store runs stuff is pretty *** up.

I always try to help people load, but of course they *** about it, even if it's slow that day, so to prevent them from *** about it, I don't even tell them I'm helping... I just do it. They dont even know I'm gone. THat just goes to show how much management really cares about their employees.

I applied for a job at Sams Club, and I REALLY REALLY hope they call me. I can't wait to quit this job. If I were you, I would NEVER come back to this store EVER! Tell you family and friends to never come here either.

Put this place out of business! There is no compliments from ANY member of management except from Lauren, but shes not really a manager. Andi is a pretty decent manager, I've had no problems with her. Shannon and I had problems at one point, but shes pretty decent now.

By the way, the reason I'm rambling on is so that just in case one of the managers read this, they may take action.. Now on to the cashiers, Brittany is a ***. Alex, Bryan, Tom, Brandon, and vanessa are great to be around. THe other cashiers I've had no problems with, but don't have a conversations with multiple times per day.

Now onto the general workers... Tyler, shermon, Bonnie, Zack, Allen, Caroline, Arron, and a few others I love to be around. So pretty much anyone else, I have no positive nor negative comments about. I know the loaders take their good old time to help a customer, but I believe that they are busy doing something else...

If their that busy, Rural King should just hire some new employees. People have been filling out applications all day. I've seen very few new employees. HIRE SOME!

Also, Betty Ann is very nice, but she seems to have her phone up to her face 90% of the time, at least when I see her... I'm going to think about it to see if I missed anyone, and if I did, I will be back on here. I chose keep my name private because I believe with how *** up the management is, I would get fired... Also, breaks are only 10 minutes, I know we are not supposed to smoke on our 10's, but I do it anyway...

And I don't understand why, for example, and don't get me wrong, evan is not the only manager that does this... But, on 3/09/2013, I worked until close. He walked the store and we didn't do a very good job zoning and cleaning. I don't understand why he din't help us.

He stood up front and had a conversation with Bryan, who for some reason wasn't helping (Except for in toys), I just wish the managers would help... I am not the only one considering quiting this God awful job. I'm not going to use any names, but abut 7 of us are considering quitting. Anothre thing.

On a slow day, lets say there are 4 cashiers, If one of us goes to do something, the CSM says "I need you to syat at your register". WHY??? Theres 4 of us.

Why can't 2 of us go to the back to hel zone, or help a fricken customer? I'm not done ranting!

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