Harrisburg, Illinois
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BEWARE!!! The Rural King in Harrisburg, IL consistantly over-charges. They will ring up a higher price than advertised.

Also will charge for more items than purchased. Example just today 3-8-2014. Purchased six bags of horse feed. Checked receipt

(something you must do each time you shop here) and a extra bag was charged. Sale price items consistantly ring up normal price.

Please, please , please check your receipt. Know the price of the items you are going to purchase. They will get you if you are not on your toes. This has been an on going problem since this store first opened its doors. *** poor management for sure.

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This pricing is a corporate problem. They are in charge of price changes.

As a cashier I have this problem quite often! The customer comes down on the cashier for overcharging, but it's not their fault that no one has changed the price in the system from corporate. And you can't expect too much out of the employees of Rural King. They are treated like *** and paid minimum wage.

The company is making money off of the fact that their employees aren't paid much of a wage and most of them are part time because full time isn't available unless they are managers or department managers. Have you ever noticed that your store has a pretty good turn over in employees?

I only stay because I am in school, but when I graduate in September you can bet I will be raising some *** on this company and how they treat their employees. Heck, assistant managers make 24k a year and work mandatory 50 hour weeks.


Their corporate office wont do jack**** about anything. They dont care about anything other than money.

I was a former employee. I would know.


No one is trying to "get you". You should always check your receipts at any store.

There is a 100% chance if you bring this up to a manager it will be corrected immediately. If you have any issues at all contact their corporate office.