Shelbyville, Indiana
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It seems to be apparent the company is falling apart like predicted. Most of their good employees that spent years by their side quit and left us with the worst of the worst.

While working in Shelbyville , Indiana I witnessed the newly promoted Co Manager Amy Trapp get upset with a hourly associate and throw merchandise at her hitting her in the face. What has been done??? NOTHING! We were all expecting our store manager to do something about it but he is so clueless on how to lead our store he sits in the processing room hiding taking days to do a schedule just to post is THE DAY BEFORE it starts.

Worst business I've ever worked at and I just feel sorry for those that can't afford to leave.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Manager.

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Oh my god she is the store manager now at the princeton store


That's funny I think the COO just moves problems around to different stores instead of dealing with the main issues. Management really has some major problems that needs to be addressed.

The person that was having anger issues was just moved to the Bloomington, In.

Store. She should have been terminated.


It's been 30 days and this site sent a email asking for a follow up so here it is. Nothing has changed.

The co manager still runs around treating people like they are slaves. The store manager is still there and the vault is still off almost everyday. Corp knows about this because the co manager said she was forced to give an unwilling apology.

I'll say what everyone else says. Not surprised.


You need to email Lawyer Gloria Allred. She will get you compensation you deserve and show the public how *** Rural King actually is to their associates. She would be their worst nightmare and tarnish their fake image in a heart beat.


We'll no nothing isn't going to get done until corp sees this and then the complaints sent to the BBB & labor board over this. They already let the 3 best assistants we had quit.

Honestly can't blame them for the way that COO guy talked to them. Calling them all *** on the walk before we opened. As far as The store manager not caring why would he when he has a job where when money gets short just borrow it from the store vault.

Oh wait, as he says "accidentally forgets it in his pocket".


Thank you to whoever posted this!! I was the associate that this happened to and nothing has been done about it. The store manager didnt even seem too concerned about the situation.