Circleville, Ohio
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I really enjoyed my Rural King Experience in the beginning. I would bring my young pup to the store for socialization and I buy lots of dog food every time I go to Rural King.

The last time I went to Rural King for dog food I picked up a bag and there was a dead flat mouse with blood coming out of it on the shelf under the bag of food. I screamed like a little girl. The manager gave me 50% off the bag of food, which was nice. I understand about feed and mice but this last Friday I went into Rural King again for dog food.

I noticed an empty space on a lower shelf that had big bags of dog food and in the empty space was mouse poo all over the shelf with what looked like urine also. Then I see all this mouse poison behind all the bags of food and the bags were actually covered in the blue/green dust from the poison right where you would rip open the bag.

This store has a management problem for sure and they should really be smarter about poison around the food!!!!!! I will go somewhere else to buy my dog food from now on and to think I had my little pup in there EWWW!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Manager.

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