Knox, Indiana
Not resolved

I ordered the King Kutter 5' Finish Mower RFM-60-YK. After placing the order I received on average 2 emails each day saying the my order was incomplete.

The lady in customer service said that the emails were caused by a problem with the order entry software and that it could not be fixed. I'm still receiving emails about the unfinished order. She also said not to worry because my order was really ok. I also received an email offering a 10% discount on the item that I purchased.

The customer service folks refused to honor the discount that they offered me. I received the mower and is it not as specified in the online ad. It is missing the chains that should cover the back. Also, the unit is clearly a refurbished mower that was sold as new.

It comes pre-scrached and dented so that you don't have to do that yourself. Do not buy from

There are better choices for making purchases of farm equipment. Beware!

  • King Kutter 5 Finish Mower RFM-60
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