Columbus, Indiana
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I have worked for Rural King for a year and a half. Pretty good part-time work.

However, pay is low. Lots of turn over. Management refuses to staff the store properly so a few of us have to do way too much. Therefore customer service is very poor.

The only department they keep staffed well is the gun sales. Other than that, we are way understaffed. If you are scheduled to work on weekends, you will likely work most of them. Getting a weekend off is nearly impossible.

You have to ask for a day off a month in advance. I really will never recommend employment there to a friend ever again.

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you are so right,and they are bad at changing the schedule and not telling you that they changed it you find out after you get to work and when you thought your getting off well you are informed that has been changed without you being notified,that is not right


they have some very rude employees up front they need to get rid of one specialy


What do you expect from a Chinese junk store!