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had a perfectly nice scoop in the popcorn then they changed it to a right handed scoop and it is difficult for a left handed person to use it. i told the cashier about it and he hollered out we need a left handed popcorn scoop in the popcorn some red vested person walked by and hollered left handed popcorn scoop coming up.

it was hilarious to the customers in there. i called the next day and asked for a manager and someone came to the phone and i told her about it and she said oh yeah we know all about it. we will change it a week later guess what. right hander still there.

i felt they were rude and insensitive toward the problem.

there are left handed people in this area. why cant it go back to the original scoop?

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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is that like a left handed baseball bat??




All left handed people should cutoff their left hand ,problem solved