Poor company, obviously won't hire above a certain age. yet relies on an older customer base.

I applied twice, was promised a second interview with the manager at a hiring open house for a new store. The manager was going to call as soon as he returned from lunch...that was last week.

How disrespectful can a company be? Their growth will stall soon, too many nasty reviews about the way they treat their staff. If you work at Rural King I'm sorry for you and recommend starting a vigorous job search. Shame on this company, I'll share this experience with everyone I know.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Manager.

Reason of review: Age Discrimination pratices.

Rural King Cons: How management treats employees, Management.

Store Location: Bedford, Indiana

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You didn't say how old you are, I was in there this week, I saw at least three employees over sixty years old.

One may be close to seventy.

I don't know why you weren't called, perhaps you should check with them again? Maybe they couldn't get through to you?

Good luck!


I live right up the road from one of the rural kings in my town and I'm in there all the time, they hire people above certain ages because there's an older gentleman probably around 65 in there almost every time, he's the only employee I will talk to because most of their employees are kids, and when I say kids I'm talkin about 17-22 most of ems first jobs. Anyways in my experience he's the only one that can give me any kinda help when I need it because ask one of the children and they look at u like your speaking another language lol, so yes I agree that they have very poor judgement of who they hire possibly to keep a high turnover rate to keep from paying out 401k's and benifits like bonuses but they will hire an occasional adult simply to keep from being labeled as a non eoe

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