Vincennes, Indiana
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On 10-10-13 my wife and I shopped in the Vincennes store. As i was shopping I noted Purina beggin strips 25 oz. on sale for $8.99 with a regular retail price of $11.99. I picked up two packages and brought them to our shopping cart. My wife stated that she had purchased "beggin strips" at Wal Mart Robinson, IL for less than $8.99. I told her that obviously she purchased a smaller size and we proceeded to the checkout. However, when comparing our receipts the regular Wal Mart price for a 25 oz. package was $8.53.

My wife had mentioned that (while we were in the store that she thought several prices had been raised) but we continued to shop.

Over the years I have become accustomed to :trusting" RK for low pricing. However, it appears that while you are growing in store numbers (I read your web info) I hope you won't forget that without treating the cusomter fairly the business can decrease as fast as it has increased. On a dog treat item there should not be this difference in price.


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It's all about the profit now a days. They gotta pay for all those helicopters, new jets and high paid competitors that jump ship somehow.

Guess who pays for it? Surely not the money hungry corp owners! Yes, the employees that no longer get raises because the economy is bad & the customers.

So to clarify your observation your not crazy.