Hamilton Ohio Store , This is for the CEO Mr. Melvin .

In regards to Rocking Ricks car show in the Bottom lower parking lot. Mr Melvin this car show has been going on there for 15 years, It has brought a lot of customers into that shopping strip for years, The foot traffic alone from the spectators is quite enormous. This Car show means a lot not only to the owners of the classics but the spectators as well. It Brings your store a lot of business.

as I seen on your ratings of your store is at 2.3 out of 5 stars . I know in the spring and summer months your business is at its highest especially with the car show going on Saturday evening, You will lose a lot of business if this car show finds a new area the business will get all of your customers and followers.This isn't just a young group of people but you have elderly people who brings in their classics , Your hurting them as well they don't have much left in their lives and they enjoy being out there meeting people which gives them something to look forward to.. Your Managers for the last 2 years has been rude and Nasty to Rockin Ricks followers which is totally uncalled for. For goodness sakes this is a parking lot for 1 night a week.

Go on Rockin Ricks facebook and see the talk, people are going to quit shopping at your store in Hamilton and go to tractor supply, Do You really want to lose more customers ? People who knows people who knows people will spread the word How Unfair and unreasonable your company is being in regards to Rockin Ricks cruise in, Mr. Melvin why don't you come down and see how big this will effect not only your store but the spectators and classic owners.

Al & Connie has tried to reason with your Manager and was treated rudely. Feel free to contact me on my email , and see if we all can possibly work this out, Maybe you can see our side and write up agreement for us to stay and write up guidelines and rules .

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Store Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

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I don't think a car show generates one iota of profit for the property owner / store. If anything it drives off legitimate shoppers who don't want the extra traffic, noise, and general annoyance.


Do you have any real statistics that show the added foot traffic actually translates into a REAL sales? Do you really think a bunch of old viagra f arts living in the past, showing off their cute little cars is bringing in real money?

LOL Rocking Ricks....Folks into this nonsense and are on the way out. They're looking to the future for a more sustainable business model that will be around for the next 30 years not a few more..

LOL...Rocking Ricks....Will the Wolfman be there or is will he be chilling with the Fonz at the malt shop? Rocking Ricks........


to anonymous who posted # 1647485 why are you so *** bent in bashing , trashing what seems to be a legit complaint , review or request this seems to a habit of yours considering the other comments you have posted on this site !!!!! you rather sit in your p.o.s chatroom / office - prison cell and not use your brains since you completely missed the whole point , insulting people who enjoy car shows is uncalled for and you obviously you never been to a car show there still is people young and old who still enjoys these cars and I seriously doubt you could even drive one !!!!!!

also the large crowds that attend car shows like this would more than likely produce more sales for all of the stores in the area , also assuming the current rural king store management is more than likely costing rural king money instead by treating car show spectators ( customers ) like trash , you failed to see that !!!!

mr anonymous you posted that folks into this nonsense are on the way out !! well so are you and so is rural king since they wont be in business in the next 30 years either !!!!!


Looks like someone's feelings are hurt. You may not like how the OP put it(why are people so sensitive these days) but what data do you have to support that a car show full of gawkers and walkers actually produces increased sales for the RK that would help offset the liability of allowing this thing on the property?

I understand your point? I'm going to the car show and suddenly I remember I need a couple backs of Quickcrete.

I'm also curious as to why you're into socialism and want to appropriate another's property for your own use for this spectacle. If you and RR want to have a car show, use your own spot of at the very least prove you're actually bringing in business.

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