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Do you have delivery service for Washington PA

by Mashayla

Can you deliver to Washington PA

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Bundled Firewood

by Garen

We are a company that sells Bundled Firewood and was wondering if your stores sold bundled firewood. If not and you are interested in looking into it for your camping/outdoors departments I would love to help you do that.

Please email me at or Call 304-591-7155

Thanks So Much!!!

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your store in wentzville mo has two chicken coups in stock: "The Hen House" and "The Deluxe. how many chickens does each hold?

by Roddie

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Product Supply Problems

by Ancel

I live in Lebanon Ohio and I love our Rural King store, even though I don’t have a lot I need from there, one important priority item for me is Equine Pellets Horse Bedding. I volunteer at a cat rescue and at times have many kittens at a time, with mom. Currently I have my 5 cats who I’d like to be able to switch at some point, but they don’t like it, and a mother cat and 6 kittens. I have 4 litter boxes just for them. Mine if I can switch them would someday be 4 more large boxes.

As you can see I rely heavily on this product that I can get at your store about a mile from my house. The problem is the stores stock in the product is not reliable. They run out constantly and I’ve heard at times people buy a whole pallet. In addition they told me they have no control over how much or when it’s delivered. I was low on pellets two days ago and I went to get some and they were out. I called back today and they are still out. Nw I will have to go buy cat pellets at twice the cost for half the product. There’s no way I’d switch my cats to become even more reliant on it when I can’t rely on it now.

Last time I made a purchase there were 2 almost full pallets and I’ve never seen more than one. I had hoped that meant they finally increased the stock orders, but if they did it just prompted people to stock up more.

I’d love to stock up also, but I do not have the space. I can have 2 at a time ok, but more than that becomes a struggle.

Is there anyway this can be resolved, because if not I’ll have to start going where the rescue lady gets hers at something and feed store.

Thank you for listening and I’d certainly appreciate any help in resolving this issue, because if not I’m going to need to switch stores and d really hate to do that.


Laurie Passeretti

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Pig ears dog treats

by Sahaj

We've purchased these as a treat for our large breed dogs for years from the Vincennes Indiana location. Often times we dig for the larger ones as we have mastiff's and newfoundlands.

7 total. We've continued purchasing even after the price hike from 79. to $1.29. Recently this store has lost our trust by sawing them in half.

I see this as cheating the consumer. I understand sales and profit but really?

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Rural king

by Deah

Would Rural King consider opening a store in Southern Cullman sure would be appreciated I believe it would be profitable and very beneficial to Cullman Alabama 35055 Alabama has no rural King and the prices and merchandise would be overwhelming to this Community Thank you much...Randy L. Graves

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Do you offer a military discount at all stores?

by Elynor

I have received a military discount at 3 different rural king stores bit when I showed my i.d. at the Paris, Il store they said no that stopped a long time ago... Was I not supposed to get it?

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