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u was quoted over the phone that the 5-in-1 shots for puppies were 4.99 and the 7-in-1 for dogs was 6.99. We purchased 20 5-in-1 shots for our puppies, and rang up at 6.99 each, when we told the lady what i was quoted on the phone, she said this is what they rang up as, we called the manager when we got home as on line the 7-in-1 shots are showing less than the 5-in-1's, anywhere you call the 5-in-1 are always less than the 7-in-1 shots, and i was told by someone over the phone at the Madisonville Ky store that the 5's were 4.99, two days later it is just the opposite.

with several beagles we spend a lot of money a month buying supplies and diamond dog food, which is one of the most expensive brands. If rural king cannot make this right with us, we, along with alot of friends will start buying our supplies somewhere else, you cant offer better prices than screw the customer at the check out.

Peggy Harvey.270-258-9285. thank you

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Manager.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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The 7way is cheaper than the 5way. Never made any sense to me either when I worked there.

But there are NUMEROUS people who would come in on a daily basis wanting a 'deal' because of how much they have to spend there on a monthly basis. Its retail...things dont work that way in retail.

Maybe wholesale or flea markets but not matter how many people complain about it. My ex husba d would try and swing special prices at places..and like I told him, its not "lets make a deal"

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