I purchased a 14" poulan refurbished chainsaw. I got it home to find out that they packaged the impropersized chain.

Drove 74 miles round trip to the Clarksville store and they gave us a new chain. Went home and attempted to start the saw and it began blowing chain oil everywhere, plus would not run properly. Drove another 74 miles back to the store and met with the assistant manager who refused to give me a different saw or my money back. I know he had the authority to make the exchange.

He wanted me to leave the saw for his shop to look at. Which means I'm gonna have to make another 74 mile trip to pick up another saw or the repaired one.

I was going to purchase a new gas auger and 8" bit a 400.00$ purchase from there but now refuse due to the way I have been treated. Tractor Supply knows how to treat their customers !!!

Monetary Loss: $70.

Location: Clarksville, Tennessee

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I recently experience the same type of return policy on an item not even used for it's purpose. Go to Lowes or a company with a good return policy.

It took K-mart along time to realize that hassling customers on a return was bad business. They have never recovered.


Amen Common Sense. Sounds like Someguy wanted something for nothing.


When you purchased your saw it says on the receipt that all items sold with gas engines will be attempted to be fixed by the mechanic and if it is deemed that the item cannot be fixed it will be replaced with another unit.


I guess you needed to by a new saw w/warrenty instead of a "fixed" saw. Quit being a cheap *** and you could quit wasting gas driving back and forth.

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