I called Intex corp. where the pool pump came from.

They told me to take it back to Rural King! I tried today, 8/3/12. Rural Kings answer was... our return policy is 90 days.

Well when you get income tax money in Feb. , Thats when you shop!!! The BOX CLEARLY states .. 2 year warranty!!

YOU DONT KNOW ABOUT A 90 day return , untill you open the box, and its in the book. Well I dont open things until I need them, so how are you to know about the return policy!

The Box Says 2 years!!!!!! I WANT MY 200 plus, $$$$ back!

Monetary Loss: $199.

Store Location: Wentzville, Missouri

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That's a manufacture warrantee. Rural King has nothing to do with what the products they sell offer. You must call the 1800 and talk to the asain and thats how you go about it.


You are correct. The receipt says 30 day exchange in store.

After that it is a manufacture warranty. It is not the stores fault that you waited until February to but the product and Intex representive was wrong in telling you to return it to the store since inside the box it specifically tells you NOT to return to store

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