I walked to the store and its near a mile from my home. I was actually just going in for a job application, but instead I ordered a Throttle Cable for a YardMan *** whacker. So once I got to the store I started browsing around with my backpack, because I walk everywhere, and I noticed a majority of the workers immediately stopped working and started peeking around corners and staring at me. All the workers were probably older than 45 so they're not sneaky, you know? So I kind of just stood around to see how many workers I could catch in tbe corner of my eye and it was 7. C'mon workers, not everybody with tattoos, long hair and a backpack is a thief, stop being so judgemental. I guess it's the normal thing in Southern Illinois, because every store I walk in I get followed around. So anyways, I had bumped into my step father, he's a African American and i'm Caucasion, and we started bursting in laughter at how outrageous the prices are for lawn equipment. After we parted ways, I had went to a polite, respectable, younger gentleman at the customer service desk, and noticed after I started talking with this gentleman, the workers stopped staring at me, like a herd of lions in the plains, and resumed working again. Geez about time right? Anyways, The gentleman gave me alot of advice and information, answered all my questions immediately, and then offered to order me a throttle cable for $10.49 and it would be available the next day. That saves a $1.00 from the manufacturers website + shipping and handling + the shipping wait time. I was satisfied with the customer service area but if everytime I go to this store and have workers breathing over my neck and staring at me, i'll just spend the extra few dollars and order directly from the manufacturer.

Over all the customer service area was a A+ but everything else about the store was degrading and honestly embarassing.

A little advice, just because someone doesn't blend in with the Southern lifestyle, doesn't mean they're going to steal.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Rural King Pros: Undecided.

Rural King Cons: Staff following me around.

Store Location: Salem, Illinois

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With the recent spate of shootings can you really blame people for being cautious? If you have nothing to hide you have no reason to be offended.


It was the backpack. If you check them at the counter then it would not be an issue.

If this happens in other stores it is most likely the same thing going on. It was not how you look or dress.

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