Union, Missouri
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I visited your rural king in harrisburg Illinois the other day and left aftwr i heard how a person christy ane john ( i think thats his name) talked to an employee named kaytlyn( im not sure on the spelling). They were chewing her out for just talking to a customer.

Omg. When is it wrong to sociaize with customers who are shopping i your store. This is so ridulious. Then after they did that they proeeded to discuss with other employees.

I will tell you this is will NEVER shope at this rural king again and ill make suee that others know just how this PERSON waa treated. If anything they need ti be FIRED!!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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had the same problem at the new Philadelphia ohio # 68 store I knew a few people ( customers ) that was banned from store just for talking to employees or just asking for customer service the management here is a bunch of worthless self-centered rejects that came from other companies

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