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I was shopping in the Rural King in New Philadelphia Ohio. It was a nice store and the people whom waited on me seemed to be very helpful.

Once I was leaving the store I was interested in the sidewalk sale they was having out side. I was looking at some of the items and over heard the cashier whom was working the sale be spoken to wrongfully by what I assume a was head management. What the man said to her was very wrong and I believe no one should talk to there fellow employees in that manner. There was another gentleman whom was an employee standing there when this comment was said.

I heard him tell the cashier to hang herself with a what seemed to be a tow strap.

In that moment I left the store. I dont believe I will ever shop there again and I'm spreading the word about what I over hear during my shopping experience.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Store Location: Yonkers, New York

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comments like that is typical of rural kings reject store management and seems to be fairly common at this particular store #68 they are always downgrading or making absurd comments about customers or employees which probably explains why they cant keep employees


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