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I went to Rural King to look for a lawn aerator. I was wearing gloves that I had just sanitized prior to entry.

A staff person inside the entrance door motioned me to take a shopping cart.

I then explained that I did not need one because I was looking for Lawn Aerators and even if I purchased one, it would not fit in a shopping cart.

I tried to explain to another staff person who had come over and she told me it was some government regulation that everyone must have a shopping cart.

I do not believe that claim is true as it's never been a requirement in any other store I've shopped in since these Corona virus issues have arisen.

This was including Tractor Supply from which I had just visited. So, somehow Rural King has determined that its safer for me to hold onto a Shopping cart that others have been using before me, even if I have absolutely no use for the cart.

I refused the cart and left the store.

User's recommendation: If you do not require a shopping cart, then do not shop at Rural King.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Went to rural king this past sat, is Lorain Ohio. Health department needs to see this..

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