Brownsburg, Indiana
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took 10 days to just process order and 12 days to deliver 80 miles away to there own store its like a bunch of monkeys trying to screw a football . no one at costumer service knows anything , finaly got the gun ran serial numbers and it 3 yrs old its new in box but still 3yrs old I paid for a 2016 gun not a 2013 // in 3 yrs they make upgrades AVOID RKGUNS old inventory is fine when your talking nuts and bolts but not firearms , could make difference in life or death these people are opening themselves up for a suit if they don't get people that give a ***

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $250.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I bought one and money returned to my cc. No email to explain, I've sent several emails and no response. I am eligible to have a gun so that's not the reason.


ordered a $800.00 gun, after 9 working days with no shipment notification I cancelled the order and went to a 'Field & Stream' store nearby and made the purchase.....cost me 70.00 more....worth every penny. Something very wrong with their shipping process.


Don't even. After 2 weeks of fighting with them for just a tentative shipping date I finally cancelled my order.

Ordered from Bud's Gun Shop the same day I cancelled from RKGuns. Bud's shipped it THE NEXT DAY!

And it was cheaper! Do yourself a favor and avoid Rural King at all costs.


I've bought many guns from Rkguns and have never had a problem. I've bought both expensive and cheap guns from them and have never had a single problem.

Like many, I hate having to wait for the new toy to arrive, but considering the amount of money saved, I can afford the wait. In all honesty, I've never waited more than two weeks and generally it's, five to seven days depending mostly how fast USPS can get it from their HQ, to their Jasper, IN store.

Customer service in the store has always been fantastic. My biggest complaint is that they offer so many high quality guns at such great prices, that they are hard to resist.


I doubt RKguns website listed the firearm as a 2016 model. If you need a firearm within the week, buy local site-on-seen.

Rural King is a big name store with many departments, I guarantee you would have the same problem if you purchased a gun from Walmart. Stick to FIREARM specific companies if you expect to deal with FIREARM employees. Next time, make a trip and pick it up.

"Life and Death", "Upgrades", now you just sound like a whinier. Sorry your $250 firearm didn't command the attention you thought you deserved, they sell toys worth more buddy.


what difference does it make as far as the price. you understand his issue clown.


Thi dude is a clown.


Isn't RK Guns firearm specific? I thought they were separate from Rural King Stores.


I completely agree have emailed customer service to times trying to get a status on my order after 7 days and absolutely nothing. This is absolutely ridiculous.


They sent my gun to a UPS/stationary store, and then didn't even bother to call me when it finally got to the local RK store. And, don't call customer service, they don't care about your problems. Furthermore, don't waste your time with their "price promise" because talking to them is less productive than talking to a stone wall, even when their competitor's better deal is as plain as day online.


Agree. There are no word a for how ridiculously slow they are.

A joke.

Customer service cannot even give the proper shipping times. Website states 3 to 5 business days.

Customer service states 7 to 10 business days.

Sad when their own employees don't know the policy.