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Update by user Aug 22, 2019

Roy (store manager) has ordered the proper firearm that I originally ordered, and it will be in first of the week. Thank you!

Update by user Aug 22, 2019

This has been resolved. Rural King stepped up and ordered me the proper firearm that I originally ordered.

I am expecting it to be delivered first of next week.

Roy and his staff came through when it counted the most, and I now recommend this Rural King to anyone. Problems arise in life, and Roy and his staff have proven they will do whatever it takes to resolve those issues and make sure things are right for their customers.

Original review posted by user Aug 21, 2019

I'm in the middle of an RKGuns mess. After their website stated they had p365 w/safety in stock, I ordered one.

Here's what happened since....

First - They sent the wrong gun (p365 without safety). I found this out much later, read on.

Second - They never checked the gun in when it got to the store, delaying pickup 4 days. I got a confirmation email on Wednesday stating the gun was delivered to the store. The store denied having it until Saturday, when they finally admitted they had it, but messed up checking it into inventory.

Third - They didn't allow me to inspect the gun (I was not given the option of them putting a trigger lock on it so I could inspect it).

It was a leap of faith...take it or leave it. I was not allowed to touch the gun in any way. I chose to trust them, and accepted the gun (which was a mistake).

Fourth - They escorted me to the front door, per policy, handed me the gun, and I then took it home. I opened the case, and discovered it was the wrong model p365.

Here's where the fun starts.

I immediately contacted the store, within minutes and told them it was the wrong model of p365. Their response was to quote me policy about how I left the store with the gun (you know, the one I wasn't allowed to inspect). Now they're refusing to give me a full refund, wanting me to eat a re-stocking fee because I left the store with the gun. They gave me two alternatives...keep the wrong gun and accept a Rural King gift card for a few dollars, or accept the difference of the re-stocking fee in a gift card (I can't very well buy the gun somewhere else with a Rural King gift card.

What a scam and sad affair this has turned into.

Two managers (gun counter manager, and overall store manager) of the local Rural King have contacted corporate to try and get a full refund for me while I stood there and listened, and corporate will not agree to give a full refund, despite them shipping out the wrong gun. The really bad part is the local store manager told me 2 days ago he was going to make it right and either get me the right gun, or make sure I get a full refund. Now even he is saying there is very little he can do.

Buyers beware of RKGuns for your own sake.

They are basically either running a bait and switch on gun models to get your money via a re-stocking fee, or they have some very incompetent employees at the headquarters that just ship out the wrong products and then expect the customer to be responsible for it. Either way, they are one of the worst companies I've ever dealt with.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $560.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Rural King Cons: Bait and switch, Make mistakes and expect customer to pay for them, Bad policy of not allowing customer to inspect online purchases.

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