My boyfriend and I heard about a great deal through Rural King to buy a 30 lb bag of Iams dog food for about $30 vs. The 17.5 lb bag of Iams from Walmart we were buying for $23. If I had known their dog food was infested with roaches I wouldn't have bothered because the cost to try to get rid of the roaches has completely offset the initial savings.

We purchased this food and after living here for three years and never once seeing a roach, within 2 to 2 1/2 weeks we started seeing baby roaches on the counters. I believe my dog sensed this because he refused to even eat the food until he became so hungry he had too until we were able to throw out the bad rural king food and get him the same food, but fresh, from walmart again.

Of course anyone who has ever had this problem knows how disgusting it is and how expensive and hard it is to rid your home of these pests once established. I am beyond pissed and will never again shop at this store. I wanted to post a review on their webpage, however they don't allow that, so I am posting it here and wherever else I can find to warn people.

This was purchased at the Collinsville store in Illinois 62234.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Store Location: Collinsville, Illinois

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We were told we could return and the manager on duty would "probably" be willing to give us some type of discount on a new bag of food. Unfortunately, after purchasing such an infested product from there, the LAST thing I want is a "discount" on yet another bag of potentially infested food. I continue to purchase Iams and have had no further issues with that company and see no reason to try and blame them for the issue.


Unless the bag was broken and it became infested at Rural King, would be one guess. I don't think IAMS would have packaged it infested.


Did you call the Rural King or Iams? Obviously you have the internet so you could of looked up their emails or phone numbers.

I've never heard of either refusing a refund or assistance so I guess the extra money spent is on you for not taking a pic and immediately destroying the bag full of roaches.


I have always been treated very well by Rural King in Carbondale IL. I have no reason to say this except from my viewpoint as a customer. Something was very wrong and you should be reimbursed.

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