I bought 4 tires in July 2o1o from the Wooster Ohio RKO. My bill was over $400 with road hazard.

In March, I must of had a low tire and drove on it. I had my mechanic take it off the rim and put another one on so I could take it to RKO. They told me it was not covered because I had removed it from the rim--How was I suppose to take it in?? They did offer to sell me another make of tire for $75 plus mounting.

They took my covering off my hubcab and it is now gone. They said there was nothing they could do.

I am so glad a company can lose business. I would not recommend them to any one with their service.

Store Location: Chicago, Illinois

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That is a good idea Thanks


You should take them to small claims court and read the judge the warrantee.

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