I bought a chainsaw from rural king. Used it for four days when it started throwing the chain pretty consistently.

So i went to return it as this is very dangerous and should have been covered by the manufacturer warranty. The head manager there acted like it was his money. He refused to refund my money saying that he would only exchange it. I didn't want another because i feel the model was defective.

He told me to buy a more expensive model which i don't have the money for. The management in Carbondale, IL sucks and is very unfriendly.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Manager.

Monetary Loss: $149.

Store Location: Rochester, New York

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It sounds like you used the saw for what you needed then wanted your money back. If he offered to exchange the saw or give you store credit on a better manufacturer/product he did his job.


Not really true it's the same with any product if i bring it back in because of a defect you don't have the right to force me to exchange or pay more for a better brand that's just how some companies try an keep the money they got from you mainly because most plp act like you and give into what ever they have to say know your rights


I shopped at Rural King a lot this Christmas. Now I remember why I had made a conscious decision a few years ago to NOT shop there...their return policy...and the quality of many of their items.


I just have similar issue with returning merchandise with the same store in Carbondale, IL!

The manager was rude, and did not care to help at all.

I just wrote a complaint letter through their main website, and I'll see how it goes.

One thing I will be sure is I wouldn't visit there as often in the future.


If the chain saw kept throwing the chain after 4 days, That probably means that the chain bar came loose and the chain needs to be retighten.

This can happen when using alot. That is the nature of the beast.


that is a reasonable deduction from the way i told the story but no. I am quite familiar with chainsaws as i spent summers on a family farm working to clear private road among other things.

I checked and rechecked the bar and bought a new chain. My conclusion is that these new Poulan chainsaws have very thin bars and chains and are cheaply made, as a result it malfuctioned.

The bottom line is i should have known better than to buy a cheap piece of equipment. Especially one as dangerous as a chainsaw.


After using a saw for four days I would say that you damaged the bar or did not adjust the chain right. I have had the cheapest rebuilt that they have along with a most expensive.

They both are great. Make sure you always put oil in the chain tank.


You sound like you work for Rural King. Are you sure your not that Head Manager Guy?

The bottom line is my father has a Stihl chainsaw that is forty years old and has been though some abuse i can tell you that much and it still works like a champ. Thats all i have to say about that.


You must think im an ***. How doesn't know to put bar oil in a chainsaw? Honestly insulted.

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