13%rebate on everything at Rural King with receipt and everything circled on the receipt,been on computer 2 days and rebate is denied. I have been on most of the rebates sites that this company has.

all the same way.

Is there anyone out there can help me my email address is beckeroe44@yahoo.com I hope no one else is having this problem because its frustrating for me. The date on the receipt is 8/27/12 and the circular in the Sunday paper said everything has a 13% rebate and we shopped at the Champaign,Ill store.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Rebate.

Store Location: Wayzata, Minnesota

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Did you have an employee at Rural King type your information in for you at the store? I work at one of the Rural Kings and we are allowed to type in the rebate at out store if a customer asks.

If they don't you can try to go to another store and see if they will do it. I thought it was only 12% off.


It was 12%. And while we are on the subject, some comments have been made about getting the money on a Rural King gift card for the rebate.

First of all the customer is getting the money even if it is on a gift card.

Would they prefer not to get any kind compensation for their purchase. I am tired of people wanting something for nothing

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