West Lafayette, Indiana
Customer service
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There are rarely enough associated, what extra associated there are can 99% of the time not answer a question or offer any worthwhile assistance.

The gun department had 1 person on the counter, approximately 8 people waiting, I only needed ammo. I asked a closer by associate if anyone could help this department, he didn't know.... O.o

He asked another guy walking by, he said he didn't think so... What?!?

We ended up not getting what we needed. I've purchased guns & ammo here before & had to wait 40+ minutes for a manager to get the gun &/or someone to come walk me out....

I try very hard never to shop here...

Lafayette Indiana

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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typical rural king every store I visit has the same problem poor customer service , no toilet paper or towels and not enough help and some of the ugliest & dirtiest stores I have ever seen and I all hear is the store managers complaining about their poor bonus checks they get every year