Anderson, Indiana

The RK store in New Castle, IN is unbearable to shop in!! There is no air conditioning!!!!!! Today is May 25, we went there to buy flags for Memorial Day, and couldn't stand to stay in there. I guess Wal-Mart gets our money instead!! What a shame!!!

It is 84 deg. today and people are leaving their carts sitting and walking out of the store!!

I feel sorry for the employees they are not only miserable from the heat, they are catching *** from the customers for something that is not their fault.

What is up with this situation??

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Tell them to go through affordable tractor. The store I shop at has an account with them, and they carry all the parts for those tractors.

I believe they are out of texas from what the mechanic told me. I would strongly recommend asking them to contact another store about affordable tractor.

I shop at collinsville, but i have gone to the waterloo mechanic. He works with a younger guy and they have both been extremly helpful.


I noticed a comment from Eric Huber telling someone to go shop for China at ..I think he meant Walmart!! Well..I purchased a tractor at Rural King that was made in China.

So it doesn't much matter where you go you'e going to get things made in China. The problem?? Parts!! I was GUARANTEED,by the Muncie store that I would have NO PROBLEM getting parts through RK if I bought this tractor.

Well..Guess what? Muncie passed the buck to New Castle and Bob,in mechanics, has given me the run around since last August. No parts !! :( The $6,000 tractor sits idle and RK does nothing.

8 months and they cannot locate parts. Afrigginmazing !!


This is what we get when we raise and put our kids in A/C schools and then they go home in A/C and play games all night...

I went to school for 17yr and worked in a factory for 38yrs... and none of them had A/C

U know what,, I lived through it....

and I live 25miles from New Castle..


Hey ***,

If you can not handle 84 degrees, stay out of a farm store. Go by for China *** at walfuck


It's that way in a lot of the locations.

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