I had a HORRIBLE experience today at your store #52. It was simply over popcorn. I received attitude from a cashier named Jessica. I received tolerance and an "I don't care attitude" from the store manager, Barb. I received understanding from the assistant manager, Daniel.

I am the President of the PTO at Painted Stone Elementary located a short 5 miles (if that) away from this store location.

My school's secretary, Donna is a 20-year veteran with the Shelby County Public School System therefore is professional & thorough.

Donna placed the order yesterday (Thursday) for 13 bags with a schedule pick up for today (Friday) at 10 AM. This is the same routine EVERY MONTH. We have never had an issue until today.

I arrived store #52 just before 10 AM to pick up the order. The employees seemed confused that I was there inquiring about the popcorn. I was informed by Jessica that another school (river something??? And Southside Elementary) came to pick up the popcorn). I simply said “No worries. I have to go to Walmart to do some shopping and I will be back”. Jessica told me that it would take about 30 minutes to pop the popcorn & QUICKLY began the task. I went to Walmart.

I returned 1 hour later. I approached Jessica who informed me that the popcorn wasn’t done yet.

Although it was 11 AM, my 1st grader was on a field trip & I had made plans to meet up with her for lunch at noon. The popcorn was due at school by 1:30 PM. If I didn’t leave with the popcorn then, there was no way I could get the popcorn there by 1:30. Jessica had an attitude with me telling me more than once that the popcorn machine can only make so much popcorn at a time. Like “I” was in convincing “her”. I explained that she told that this would take 30 minutes to complete the popcorn and it is an hour later. I explained that I was going on a field trip with my 1st grader. Nothing but attitude from Jessica. Since I was in such a jam and this was “Rural King’s fault”, I asked if they could deliver it to PSE. She told me that THEY CANNOT DO THAT. Really? She didn’t want to.

I called a fellow PSE mom, Carrie. She said that she would get there to pick up the popcorn for me & deliver it to the school therefore I paid for the 13 bags of popcorn. I left to go to the field trip.

I received a call from Carrie at noon telling me that she was at Rural King and there is no popcorn ready. She was told that another school came & took that popcorn. Really? Again? Now I have to stop my field trip plans with my 1st grader to deal with this. My poor daughter was CRYING, BEGGING me not to go. Her teacher was able to remove my daughter off from me and I saved my tears for the drive to Rural King. You will understand why I had to sacrifice my time for daughter later in this explanation. But never-the-less, I felt like a bad mother.

I arrive at Rural King to find no popcorn and no Jessica. I asked for the manager & Daniel, assistant manager, came out. I explained everything to him and he was quick to find a substitute popcorn. He was quick to find a solution. We settled on 20 bags of the Jolly Time White Cheddar Popcorn. He went to ask what discount he could give me. Then Barb entered the conversation. I had to read her name tag because she NEVER introduced herself to me. She seemed annoyed with the situation.

Barb was trying to excuse everything away. Here is what she came up with…

1. Someone called to have popcorn picked up last night (Thursday) & the never showed up. She was gracious enough to let the popcorn sit until morning but then threw it out. I explained to her that we did not place that order.

2. Some schools call in orders and do not tell Rural King the name of their school. I don’t believe that but I cannot speak for other schools, I know Donna is a professional and would tell them her school name. I shot down that excuse.

3. Her staff needs to do a better job on taking down the names of the schools that call in these orders. THAT sounds like the real reason of what happened.

By this time, it is getting closer to 1:00 PM. I needed to get this popcorn to the school. Daniel informed me that Barb decided to make a donation to my school by letting us have the popcorn for free. If I wasn’t in a time constraint, I would have gone to Walmart and bought FULL PRICE bagged popcorn but I couldn’t let my students down.

It’s just popcorn. But it is an incentive for our students. It is an incentive for students for overall great attendance. We have an incentive for attendance because we are a Title 1 school. Over 52% of our student body is on free or reduced lunch. Yes, they are poor. The higher in percentage for free or reduced lunch equates to higher missed school days. We cannot teach these students if they are not in school. Our school population is 562.

It may just be popcorn to Jessica and Barb, but it means the world to our teachers & staff that work tirelessly to get these students to school, keep them in school and to teach them.

It may just be popcorn to Jessica and Barb, but it means the world to our students who have worked hard on being at school to earn this popcorn.

I informed Barb that I have 130 students in 5 classes that have earned this popcorn. I told her that I simply cannot go to each of their classes and tell them that I do not have their popcorn. I was desperate. But it’s just popcorn. I explained to Barb how upset my school secretary was & that she will not be placing another order with Rural King. Barb had an attitude that she didn’t care and said that was “our choice”. Because it is just popcorn.

Yes, popcorn is a commodity to be sold. You pop, I pay. But what I bring to my school is not only an incentive but hope. Hope that all my students will earn this popcorn because that will mean that every student came to school every day. Every student is learning therefore winning.

Not only did I feel disrespected by Jessica & Barb, in turn I feel that they disrespected my school and all who are in it.

I run this PTO with passion for my students, my teachers, my staff and my parents. I try my very best to work hard for them and give them all that they deserve. They deserve popcorn because they deserve an incentive. They deserve hope.

I employ that you reevaluate the leadership you have in store #52. Barb doesn’t care that she loses $26 a month. Who would? But I feel that I lost a community partner.

Thank you for your time,

Laura Irizarry

PTO President

Painted Stone Elementary


502-500-2863 — with Carrie R. Dewitt and Artavia Marshall Acklin at Painted Stone Elementary.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Location: Shelbyville, Kentucky

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Lol just looking for something to complain about I see.


Daniel, assistant manager at store#52 is always very pleasant when I go in there. He always helps other employees and customers.

If I have any questions or need something, I always ask for him.

He is very knowledgable of the products and how things are done there. The store does seem to be understaffed though.


I always found the assistant manager Daniel to be very helpful. I could see the store was cleaner and more organized also after he started to work there.

If I ever have any problems, I will ask to speak to Daniel Robinson. He actually cares about the store and the customers.

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