Evansville, Indiana
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Rural King currently runs percentage off promotions that are geared toward seniors or women on certain days. Apparently younger males don't qualify for the same customer benefits. I wonder if customer fairness and loyalty goes into any marketing efforts?

This is part of the same double standards promotions that they think no one will challenge or boycott them over.(i.e. ladies nights/ ladies get in free)

Rural King Supply's main customer base in my area seems to be the ones they leave out of the equality equation. I would shop there more if it wasn't for this!

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I bet you want a *** day too don't ya homo.


the biggest problem w/ rk is they are run by x-walmart bosses. so they run like walmart, min wage job, majority part time jobs, never enough people to do the job on hand...made 250,000 the last no tax sat.

but will hire no people.

jasper store average $1,000,000 in sale a month, just jasper store. :(


well they have the discounts because men are the ones who go to the store the most. They are trying to get more seniors and women, because they have items geared towards them.

You are so whiney and annoying.

Is a marketing strategy. so shut up


If this is the kind of thing that makes you cry, maybe you should pull up your big boy pants and shop somewhere else. It's not all about you!!

What a baby!


The discount day is for strictly seniors now.