I attempted to purchase a firearm from Rural King that I had previously put on layaway (I have made several purchases from them in the past with out any issue). This time when I filled out the 4473 background check (including my S.S.#) it returned with a concern.

I was sent back two more times to correct it and never found any incorrect information but the last time was informed that Rural King was flagging me as prohibited from purchase! No explanation was given. I had to call corporate (Jill Adams) who explained that another person in another state with the same name had been mistaken for me by there system even though I entered my social security number. There system is apparently not that "sophisticated"!

As I attempted to express my grief about the inconvenience, and that I would be making this purchase at another retailer, she (Jill) attempted to roast me about my inability to see that they do there best to keep from selling guns to bad folks. I guess I'm just an unfortunate circumstance of the inadequacy of there system to use all the information that was given!

if it's that weak, how many bad folks are slipping past? Jill said she got me off thier black list but I haven't and won't be back to find out!

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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