I had went into rural king and had bought my daughter a pair of Ariat boots , the employees had told me that there was a life time warranty on the boot so i had bought them . Not to long after my daughter had the boots the seem had came out of the boot .

She had only worn the boots a couple of times .

I had called Rural King and they had told me thay they couldnt take them back unless we had the reciept and they had told me on the phone that it wasnt life time warranty . This is bull *** .

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Location: Greenwood, Indiana

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I had visited Rural King recently and found that I had really liked it and had an enjoyable time as we had shopped a couple hours and had bought several things that we had not had to take back but even if we had I am sure it would not had been a problem anyway and even if it had I would still shop there because I had enjoyed myself so much and had told my family about how cool that store had been in Greenwood and I expect other shoppers had felt that same way:)


The Greenwood Rural King isn't even open yet.


Yes it is, ***.

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