I usually overlook it if an employee of an establishment is rude to me but this time was different. The girl InCharge of the cashiers at Royal King in Cannonsburg Kentucky was very rude and embarrassed the *** out of me.

The price of my item was ringing up 50 cents more than the sign said. I let them know at the register and the cashier asked someone else about it. The person she asked told me i was wrong and pointed out the item behind her. I tried to tell her that there were more in the back of the store where i had got the item with a sign over them that had the price i had mentioned but she cut me off and got loud and hatefull about it and said i was wrong.

I was more or less called a liar in front of everyone. Even the cashier i could tell was embarrassed.

Another customer in the parking lot approached me and said he thought she was going to flog me. I wasn't that worried about the 50 cent difference i just don't think anyone should be talked to like that, little lone a customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Cashier.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Location: San Jose, California

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You were at Rural king.. not Royal King. If you could read you probably would've got the price right.


You are rude and totally uncalled for. If you knew what you were reading and knew technology, you would know about autocorrect.

If you think this type of action is appropriate then you would have signed your name to this post. No matter what the customer is always right.

That is where your paycheck comes from and if you think it is ok, then you don't need to work with the public. Have some respect for yourself and behave correctly!

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