Overland Park, Kansas

This store has major issues with management, they will lie to you, will not return calls, that they say they will, tell you that it can not be ordered over the phone because they can not except payment by phone, so you make a 60 mile round trip to pay for the item, and then are told you don't need to pre-pay, been trying to order a cattle head chute for two weeks, with two trips to the store, six phone calls, still is not ordered. It is sad, when you "Google" this store, the second find is from Pissed Coonsumer.com....Thanks to Ruth and Ryan, store managers, for all the lies and lack of help!!!

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all of rural king managers and floor supervisors are liers, rude and leg lickers, matter of fact most of the crew are either *** or ***. the only ones that last are the employees and floor supervisors that are dating each other.

co. policy states that they cannot date.

so most of the female employees are bi and les. so the upper manger, staff to *** to notice.

Columbus, Ohio, United States #633318

They just plain suck


Dido on the post from the other employee. I've never worked in a sweat shop in China, but I can't imagine it would be much worse than working for these two managers.

Our employee restroom has been out of service for months now, and the GM refuses to have it fixed. We never have proper supplies to clean with. The toilet tissue is the cheapest available.

Customers deserve better!! This comnpany takes the cheapest approach to everthing it does.


You think dealing with them as a customer is bad you should work there! The bull *** and lies were never ending!

to *** #638956

I admit they do try to get by on the cheap. Our bailer is so incomplete it does not drop the bail out and we use a meat hook to complete the process.

The forklift has air tires instead of solid ones and with all the nails and metal it runs over, the tires go flat all the time. While solid ones are expensive, the money they spend repairing the air tires cost them more in the long run

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