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Bought 18 trees at Rural King. Cost from $24.99 to $28.99 apiece.

After 9 of them died I found out they only have a 30 day return policy. A store Employee in Circleville Ohio told me they had a 6 month return policy when I bought them. You cannot know in 30 days if a tree will live.

I went to the contact page online because there is no other place to complain, filled out all the info correctly, and it kept going back and telling me They needed a valid email. I know it was correct , but kept redoing the page anyway.

Store Location: Rochester, New York

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The biggest problem is that they cannot guarantee it was planted properly and with the unbelievable hot weather we have no control over the weather. Also if you go to a regular nursery those trees would have cost you at least 3 times as much.

Also most employees do not have my experience with tree care. Many employees are lucky if they know the difference between trees as the company does not provide any extensive training in this field

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