I used to like going to the Decatur store until I had to deal with Steve, the assistant manager. Clearly this guy has no brains.

I was in there for a good hour trying to find different parts for a sprayer on Sunday and I had asked him for help. He said okay and never came to help me.

I was standing there waiting patiently and he just stood there with his arms crossed joking around with one of the employees. 20 minutes later he finally came over to help me and had no clue about what he had in his store nor what he was talking about..I'd be really embarrassed if I were him!

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Manager.

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Portland, Oregon, United States #908298

so you want him to tell YOU what YOU needed. sounds like you don't know *** either.

why didn't you know what you needed. and its you fault you stood there for 20 minutes.

you could have walked over there and asked for help. or you could have figured it out by yourself by using your eyes and brain

Decatur, Indiana, United States #702567

What? You have to be the one with no brains. Steve is very helpful.

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