We started feeding Good Friends crunchy bites brand dog food made exclusively for R/K by Cargill about a year ago. The stuff is 18% protein, 6% fat branded as a maintenance feed.

Thought it would be ok for our 12 Y/O lab and 6 Y/O aussis mix as they are active but also couch potatoes. I noticed they slowly began loosing weight, then last summer they began shedding and becoming more lazy. Our vet was not to concerned but did ask some questions about habit and feed. Made me think?

We went to the local TSC store got a bag of 26% protein 18% fat Sporttex feed within 4 days the dogs stopped shedding and scratching, three weeks in they both are gaining weight and a lot more active.

I contacted R/K customer service they told me to contact Cargill and nothing they would do. If your feeding this Good Friends dog food from Rural King watch your dogs, they deserve better.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Crunchy Bites Dog Food.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Rural King Pros: Have always enjoyed rural king store shopping.

Rural King Cons: Way the dog food issue was handled.

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I started feeding Good Friends dog food, I noticed our dogs loosing weight, and also pooping more than usual. Some of the dogs who aren't picky eaters are reluctant to eat it.

I even mixed caned dog food in their dog food. Going to finish the rest of dog food, and go back to what I use to use.


i been feeding my dogs this food and have had the exact opposite. Why dont you read an ingredient label?

Some dogs are allergic to wheat, flour and items like pea meal. which yes some of their foods have those items in it others dont though. My one dog an 80 lb. pitbull is allergic to all those items.

Which by the way all your top brands have the too. Not every product from any of those companies contains those items but it takes you the owner to have some common sense to take a moment and read what the differences were between the two dog foods that might of caused the issues.


May I ask which food you feed your pitt that has the allergy issues? I have a dog that I've been trying to find a food that works for.

I've tried so many and would love to know what works for your guy. thanks!


I bought a bag of the High Protein for my Anatolian Shepherd. At first he wouldn’t even eat it and he’s not a picky eater.

Within a couple weeks his fur was falling out and he was breaking out with sores on his skin. I will never again buy that food.


We began feeding Good Friends when the local rural king opened. 6 months out and two of my dogs have passed from cancer.

One of them was 3 years old and the other was 8. Two of my other dogs have had severe hair loss.

My dogs also were refusing to eat. That is abnormal for my bunch so I switched to Purina and they now have no problems eating and their hair is returning, along with their shine.


PLEASE take a picture of the ingredients list and post.


Our dogs do great on the Good Friends High Energy 30/20. Any brand with 18/6 is going to be terrible.

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