So, I'm at the Decatur, Indiana Rural King this week. I was walking around the store looking for some bolts.

I found what I wanted, and I went up to the cashier. She was a brunette, and their was a Asst manager with glasses. They seemed a little bit too friendly. I paid for my things, and went out to the parking lot.

I went back in after a few minutes. I walked in the exit, and I'm standing by the bubble gum machine waiting for my wife. They we're talking about going to the bar, and the male employee was talking about having her going somewhere to meet her afterwards? What's up with that?

I won't go back unless something happens about this. I've always been curious about those 2, but now I know for a fact that something is going on.

I'll be sending my brother in every so often to see their still employed their. If not, TSC here I come.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rural King Cashier.

Location: Rochester, New York

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Who are you to say what happens with these ppl? This is RURAL KING, not some company on Wall Street.

How does this affect you?

Now, if you were a fellow employee and were experiencing repercussions due to some kind of favoritism then that would be different. You're a bit too invested for a customer, to be honest.


Why were you listening? What they do when they are not working is non of you concern


Ah, get a life! Why would you concern yourself about this?

Life is to short to put so much time in these peoples affairs! Have some bubble gum!


Are you serious ???? Because they had a conversation about their life outside of Rural King you plan to not go back?

Do you think TSC employees have no life outside the store? You are an intolerant, old fogey, stay home and watch "Matlock" in the future.


You guys seriously need to get lifes. Going on the internet, and complaining makes ya look like a *** kid.

Grow up. I used to work at that same store and I assure you there is nothing going on between them.

There just good friends. People like you 2 is the reason why this country is going to ***


You're wasting your time. I've been complaining about these 2 for months, and NOTHING Has happened.

That store sucks. They have employees that smoke pot and other drugs in the parking lot! And they hire seasoned criminals. Richard Stone is NOT Richard Stone.

The store manager dresses like she's a teen again. I've complained about everything, and nothing has happened. I even called corp on them.

It's a piece of *** chain of stores. Best one i've been to is Niles, MI.


Sounds like you're a pot stirrer and a busy body. Mind your own business.

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