I purchased a bag of midwestern sweet mix and within two hours of feeding it, my horse was down. The feed had a weird smell and was off color.

I have spent over $1700 in vet bills and now he has to be put down all because of bad feed from rural king. Rural King has blown me off and has said there feed was not the cause. But its very odd that we feed out of that bag for the first time then two hours later he's dying.

The feed has a sour smell and is way off color. I will never buy rural king feed as long as i lived, they killed my 4 year old horse that was in perfect health before eating their feed.

Monetary Loss: $1732.

Store Location: Hamilton, Ohio

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We’ve never had an issue until recently. The feed is just not the same and the people at Rural King said they’ve had a lot of compliments of late. So Cargill needs to fix it for sure.


I think their horse feed is crap. Check out the ingredients & it’s nutritional value on the back 0r side of the bag.


My horses get feed this feed mix as well as do my goats and cows. WE have never had a problem.

All the animals love it.

But honestly if you open a bag that smells odd and is off color. Who thinks "oh well I'll feed it to my horse anyway."


Exactly, duh don’t feed something that seems off




Perhaps you should have checked the feed BEFORE you fed it to your horse. Comment sense should be to check every bag you open, every time, no matter what it is or where it's from!


why would you feed your horse feed that you said was off color and had a bad smell ? Any feed from any store could be off, however its your job as a horse owner to check those things before you feed.....


Dumb *** Always check *** first its a farm store come on


You should've checked food first stupid ***


I went through a similar incident to this one. I didn't lose any luckily but health problems out the *** I had three colic in less than 48 hours and my colt choked on a moldy clump.

I was up this Thursday 9/20/18 all night trying to keep my 2 yr old colt alive until the vet could get there at 6 am. He is still alive but is still not well. He aspirated from the all night choking and now has pneumonia. I have a mare who (if you're familiar with bloodlines) is a direct Paint Me Zippo daughter who colicked Wednesday.

Mind you, she is bred to my paint stallion due in April. I was freaking out. It was another sleepless, pasture spent night. I have slept less that 4 hours in the past 48 because of this.

I am not a happy camper. The colt ended up with colic also due to the choking and my other mare did that night also. Thank God I have several friends who took shifts all night long to help me keep these horses up and moving. I have never posted on sites like this so I don't know if you can read this but I am so sorry for the loss of yours.

It's a damn shame. Rural King needs to be held responsible. Prayers to you and your family.

If I can help with a statement about my experience, I am more than happy to help. -Aaron Hammond, Shadyside, OH


They all have such bad mouse issues poisoned mice in the feed I wouldn't buy any food there sometimes cheap isn't better


I meant as healthy as a horse.


Well when I go to the store to buy food for my kids, if i take it home and open it up and it looks off in color and bad an odor, I take the smart route, and don't feed it to them, and contact the store (So I can show them what I found was wrong), then they can go through before any other animals come to harm if something went wrong with the batch. It isn't Rural King's fault, if they are at fault they own up to it, I had bought two chickens one died, brought it up to Rural King they gave me a discount on my next chicken, since I was doing and using the same thing I used for all my chickens I mentioned perhaps something was wrong with the chickens, they took a closer look and realized their WAS a sickness, they began separating the sick ones and taking special care of the sick ones and bringing them up to health before selling them.

My aunt has been using their horse feed for several years, and all of her horses are as a horse (Pun intended). I feed this brand to my goats, all are happy go lucky, no sickness, I did find a bag that smelled different then the others I have bought, I told Rural king, not sure what happened after that because I tossed the bag, what is 7 bucks compared to the chance?


It is their fault!!! They need better quality control in the place their feed was made..

I looked into their senior feed and it only got 2 stars...I wont touch it. A horse is way different then a *** chicken.I would have taken the feed back and they would have paid for the vet bill if the vet thought it was the feed.!


If it smelled or looked bad WHY did u feed it? I know my daughter s dobbie lost 30# on rural King brand dogfood but there was no indication it was bad. We won't feed their dog food but as far as horse .I use their 12% pellets so far no probs.


OK so if it had a weird smell and was off color why did you feed it stupidity killed your horse


If you noticed the feed was so off in color or smelled so bad why did you give it to your horse in the first place?


If it looked or smelled off. Why did you feed it?

Midwestern is made by cargill /nutrena

As a horse breeder I again ask why would you feed something that smelled off?


I agree, NEVER feed your horse anything that is offcolor or smells bad. I think this was the owners mistake not Rural Kings, anything can happen to any feed.

Take the feed back and exchange for another bag. Owner was ***.


What were you thinking. You are responsible for your horses death, not RK. What a ***.

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