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I like to shop online! Unfortunately, given Rural King dotcom's lack of customer service, perhaps I should have bought direct from China! WTF

I did MY part! Paid several hundred dollars over a week ago for an in-stock item..

The number they gave me didn't track anything. So a week later I email and ask them where my order is and get an automated response with a BS Fedex tracking number stating "Your item has shipped". FedEX disagrees..

The tracking number they gave me today, a week after ordering is not valid. I have a class of students waiting on the item. FedEx says that a label for the item was indeed printed today but they have not received the pkg from Rural King.

I asked Rural King why, have gotten no response, still can't track package and FedEx still doesn't have it. End of workday, weekend is here and I am pissed. No response to my further inquiries still. I'm done being cordial.

Bad customer service results in bad feedback. I should have heeded all the *** reviews for Rural King online but I'm a sucker for free shipping. This company lied right to my face this morning. Apparently, my contentment is not important to this company which so readily took my money. Therefore, I will blanket the internet with disgusted reviews until said issue is resolved. I HATE BAD BUSINESS.

This Company doesn't give a s@*+ about you, shop elsewhere.

Monetary Loss: $330.

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For heaven's sake NEVER buy anything that has been "assembled" at Rural King. It will fall apart before you get it home. I've done this twice now and later repairs to both products (done on my own time and my own cost) later revealed missing bolts, washers, lock washers, and half the ones that were present were merely finger-tight.

I try to avoid the place like it was radioactive now, but it carries some products that are only available there in this location. Before I learned my lesson I never saw the same floor or sales help in that store twice. They must have a horrible employee turnover, which does a lot to explain why NO ONE you ask about ANYTHING at Rural King has an answer. They either stand there, staring off into space with their mouths open, or they refer you to the service desk where you can watch them stare into space with their mouths open.

Even with terrible gas prices, I'll drive a LONG way to avoid any contact with the Rural King located in Terre Haute, Indiana. Customer service isn't simply bad there, it doesn't exist at all. Buyer beware!

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